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How Joyboy Came Back In Luffy? Joy Boy Has Returned

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Here are some of the clearest details about how joy boy comes back in Luffy based on what oda has written in the story one piece.

This notion was proven right in Chapter 1044, when Zunesha declares that he can hear the “Drums of Liberation” once more, and Joy Boy has returned. Luffy’s heartbeat and his Devil Fruit Awakening are synchronized by these drums.

With the awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit, Joyboy’s will come in Luffy as it was stated by Zunesha when Luffy’s devil fruit was awakened. 

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But how did he come back to Luffy??

The answer is based on the idea that devil fruits have their own will in them. This answer goes on to explain that the will of the devil fruit influence the person who eats the DF. This could also explain the next season of the posts. “The captain promised Laboon, that they’ll come back within 2 to 3 years. The Grand Line is too dangerous for a little while. So it is safe to remain here near joy boy”

This will of the devil fruit allows the fruit to choose its user as we have seen in the conversation between five elders, they say that gomu gomu no mi is trying to escape from them which points that gomu gomu no mi has its own will.

They also state that zoan fruits have their own will and it is revealed that Luffy’s devil fruit is a mythical zoan type. Its name is hito hito no mi Model: Nika.

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Because of its own will hito hito, no mi choose Luffy as his user.

Therefore Luffy’s devil fruit has the will of Joyboy because of which Joyboy will come back in Luffy. But we do not know how Joyboy’s will came in hito hito no mi maybe he is the first user of hito hito no mi because hito hito no mi contains his will.

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What do you guys think about it??
This is my final thought, and I do love to hear your opinion about this writing, Joy boy And Luffy. What are your thoughts about it? Please leave a comment below.

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Luffy Gear 5 Will Appear In One Piece Film Red