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How Old Is Shanks? One piece 5th Strongest Character

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How old is Shanks? Shank was one of the 5th strongest characters in One Piece, which was said to have risen due to the number of fans who were curious about his creatures and his ability to wreck havoc on other characters in the series. Not only that, the reason behind this post is that fans were asking the real age of Shanks, which is why I decided to write and publish this article. So let’s move on. In this content I have detailed everything you need to know about Shanks’ real age.

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After Roger and Garp conquered xebec D rocks, Roger found a juvenile shanks and adopted him. His full name is hence xebec D shanks.

How Old Is Shanks

shanks real age is 29

Shanks is 39 years old, which implies he was 15 years old when Roger was hanged. Roger disbanded the crew a short time before he was executed. It took Roger three years to conquer the Grand Line, so if Shanks stayed on board for the entire journey, he was 12 years old or younger.

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