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How old is Thorfinn Season 1? A break down of the evidence

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Thorfinn is a character from the popular manga series Vinland Saga. His age has been a topic of debate amongst fans for some time now. In this blog post, we will break down the evidence and discuss how old Thorfinn is during Season 1 of the show. We will look at clues from the anime, manga, and other sources to try to determine his age. So let’s get started!

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Season 1 Thorfinn age

At the start of season one, Thorfinn is around 10 to 16 years old. He was born in 1002 AD and has experienced tragedy early in life. His father, Thors, was killed when he was 6 and he was taken captive.
For the next four years, Thorfinn travels with a Viking raiding party across Britain. We see him grow from a young boy to a determined teen who is driven by revenge. He is around 16-18 years old when the season ends.
Throughout season 1, we watch as Thorfinn matures and becomes stronger both physically and emotionally. He makes difficult decisions that shape his journey and reveals a wisdom beyond his years. The audience can see his growth as he embraces his inner strength and finds a newfound confidence in himself.
By the end of season one, Thorfinn has grown into a young man who is set on avenging his father’s death. Despite the challenges he faces, he perseveres and takes control of his destiny. His journey is just beginning, and we can’t wait to find out what lies ahead for him in the future.

thorfinn season 1 age is 16

Season 2 Thorfinn age

At the beginning of season 2, Thorfinn is 19 years old, having been born in 996 AD. This age is evidenced by a scene in which the older Thorfinn talks to Leif Erikson, who was born in 950 AD and had been leading raids in England since 991. Thorfinn proudly states that he had been raiding with his father since the age of five, meaning that he was 10 years old when the show first opened.
Thorfinn also states that he has been training under Askeladd for a decade, further indicating that he is 19 at the start of season 2. Since Askeladd took Thorfinn in after his father died in 1004 AD, the time period of 1015 AD would be an appropriate time for him to be 19 years old.

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Throughout season 2, we witness Thorfinn’s growth as he faces his own personal struggles and continues to train in the art of combat. He matures over the course of the season, both mentally and physically, growing more confident in himself and his abilities. By the end of season 2, it is safe to assume that Thorfinn is around 21 years old.

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