How To Fight Chapter 135: Jin-parents’ Ho’s murders? Release Date & Plot

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How To Fight Chapter 135, Viral Hit’s most recent chapter saw a significant amount of growth for the narrative. This was a crucial outing for the character of Jin-ho in particular. Chapter 135 of How to Fight has a release date set for the upcoming week. Cheon Il-Seop learned that Jin-Ho had deserted his party and formed a gang of his own in the story so far. As a result, things aren’t looking well for him.

Here’s all you need to know about the latest manhwa installment, without further ado.
The dialogue between Lee Jin-Ho and Detective Kang will continue to be pieced together in the following plot. The man wants to know why Jin-Ho killed his parents more than anything else.

How To Fight Chapter 135: What Will Happen Next?

This was the first time that Jin-parents ho’s were killed in the first place was revealed. Detective Kang Jinseok of the Seoul Police Department questioned him about his past. With Jin-rapid ho’s rise to power, officials knew they had to keep a close check on the young man. As a result, the first scene of How To Fight Chapter 135 will take place in the past.

How To Fight Chapter 135

Jin-ho would recount the events leading up to the moment he decided to kill his parents in order to get revenge. In this way, Jin-first Ho’s outburst would be shown to the public for the first time. He obviously didn’t enjoy the way he was being treated. This flashback scene will be intriguing to watch how it unfolds.

Previous Chapter Recap!

Lee Jin-Ho began How To Fight Chapter 134 by staring at the man with a frightening expression. Having no idea who he was dealing with, Dongseok could only speculate. For the rest of Lee’s life, Lee kept asking him about his boss. A close friend’s death was found in the cabin of the new International Boss, Cheon Il-Seop. In order to tell him of the urgency of dealing with Lee Jin-Ho, his partner came to see him. In the city, the man had been growing his army.

Yeong-eh, on the other hand, had the power to alter the tide. Jin-firing ho’s was the subject of conversation. The Jin-An Gang’s leader was now dead. Jin-Ho had made it to the position of New International Branch Boss at the end of the chapter. Jin-Ho met with a member of his team, who inquired about the death of his parents, at the end of the expedition.

How To Fight Chapter 135: Release Date

The story’s amazingness is amplified by the main character’s insane behavior throughout the story. This week’s chapter will be released without a pause. On May 26, 2022, How To Fight Chapter 135 will finally become a reality. Only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage will fans be able to read all of the manga’s chapters. To learn more about this, keep an eye on The Anime Daily.

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