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However, Luffy receives One Piece’s highest bounty.

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There are enough reveals in this week’s major One Piece chapter to keep viewers engaged throughout the summer.

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After all, the Wano saga is ended, and the New World is accepting the profoundly transformative experience. Now that the World Government is starting to react on its own terms, it has raised Monkey D. Luffy’s bounty to its greatest level ever.

The update was released this week along with the newest chapter of One Piece. The author, Eiichiro Oda, is taking a break before the manga’s last act, so this publication will be the last for a few weeks. Naturally, that meant he wanted to leave on a high note, and Oda did precisely that by awarding Luffy and two other people with a three billion berry bounty.

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The updated bounty list indicates that Luffy is now wanted for three billion berries, either dead or alive. Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid also received the same bounty as a precaution. These three captains approached Wano after all in order to liberate the island country from Kaido’s control. To everyone’s joy, Law and Kid took care of Big Mom while Luffy eliminated the Beasts Pirates leader.

Naturally, some One Piece fans immediately questioned why Luffy received the same bounty as the other two captains in light of his incredible new abilities. Many anticipated that Luffy would receive a bounty of up to $5 billion like Kaido because the World Government has publicly shown its fear of him behind the scenes. It appears that the administration is hesitant to express its opinions concerning Luffy just now. The equal bounty for the captains prevents anyone from learning about how special Luffy is, but supporters are confident that the Straw Hat leader will take action soon to raise his bounty even higher.

Luffy and the straw hats needed to know what loss felt like in the Grand Line. They had been going from island to island, never losing, and beating everyone outside of Aokiji before Sabaody and the war. They needed to see that the New World was something different in terms of enemy strength. That was their catalyst to get stronger.

What do you make of One Piece’s new bounty for Luffy? Did you expect the pirate and his comrades to blow up in price like they did? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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