I Am The Sorcerer King: Reviews and Where to Read or Watch?

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Today we’re gonna explore more about I Am The Sorcerer King, the manga or the anime series, as the series begins with an eye-opening recap.

Around that time, ten years ago, the monstrous horde that had emerged from the rift that had opened between space and time first began assaulting humankind. At the same time, people began to become aware of their power and began hunting monsters for the sake of gaining notoriety and financial gain. Due to the fact that Lee Sung-mother Hoon’s is ill, he has no choice but to accept a perilous job in order to assist in the hunting of monsters four times a month by serving as bait for those who are doing the hunting. But one day, he is severely injured by a monster, and he remembers his previous life as a sorcerer king while he is recovering from his injuries. “Huh?” Did I just die?» “Wait, you mean to tell me that in a prior life I was the Sorcerer King Kratraus?” The overpowering magic show that SungHoon does starts with his memories from the past.

It is incredibly entertaining, much like Solo Leveling (which I had to mention because the comparison is obvious.).

I Am The Sorcerer King,

However, the characters in this are much more likeable, the MC is incredibly smart and experienced, and the corporations are incredibly smart as well. However, though this could just be the translator I’m reading this from, the currency and the stats are inconsistent throughout the story. (I’m at chapter 29 as I write this.)Definitely worth the read.

Where To Read or Watch I Am The Sorcerer King?

For manga fans, you can read the series on Toomics or its official website. While anime fans can watch this series on IMDB, Crunchyroll, or Netflix, it all depends on your preference. But for me, I do recommend you watch this series on Crunchyroll in a legal way.

This manhua is really good to read. The main character is weak, but he uses his knowledge from past lives to make him strong. If you read this manhua, I recommend you watch the anime too, because some of the stories in the anime are not in this manhua.

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