I Become the Villainess in a Disastrous Novel – Chapter 12 and 13 Release Date

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Are you ready to find out what happens next in the disastrous novel I Become the Villainess In? It’s time for the long-awaited release of chapters 12 and 13! It’s been an exciting journey so far and we can’t wait to find out what’s in store in the upcoming chapters. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what we can expect from the new chapters and when they will be released. So buckle up and get ready for the thrilling adventure ahead!

A short recap of what happened in chapters 11 and 12

In chapter 11, Ara sets off on her journey to the far corners of the empire in order to escape the Demon King’s impending attack. Along the way, she meets a mysterious young man named Aizle who is determined to protect her from the coming danger. Ara also discovers that Aizle has the power to control monsters and demons.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Prince Alesh has finally learned the truth about Meliara and begins to understand why she had been so determined to escape the kingdom. He also discovers that there are more secrets hidden within the kingdom’s walls, including one involving a powerful artifact known as the Light of Hope.

In chapter 12, Ara continues her journey with Aizle while they try to find out more information about the artifact. They soon come across an ancient temple which houses a magical seal that will enable them to access the Light of Hope. However, they soon find themselves in danger when a powerful monster appears and threatens to take the artifact for itself.

I Became the Villainess in a Disastrous Novel

Aizle must now use his powers to battle the monster and protect Ara and the Light of Hope. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger as we don’t know if Aizle will be able to protect Ara and the Light of Hope or if the monster will get away with it.

The release date for chapter 12 and 13

I Became the Villainess in a Disastrous Novel Chapter 12 will bebe released on February 22nd, and Chapter 13 will be released afterward on March 1st.

What to expect in the next two chapters

As chapter 12 and 13 of I Became the Villainess in a Disastrous Novel unfold, Meliara will come face-to-face with the startling truth about her past life. Not only will she come to understand why Rehett knows so much about her, but she will also have to confront the consequences of her choices in her current life. As Meliara struggles to untangle her complicated past and present, she must decide if she can accept the path that has been set out for her or if she will fight to carve her own future. Additionally, tensions between rival kingdoms will come to a boiling point as conflict arises over the fate of the kingdom of Castonia and its inhabitants. Will Meliara be able to save herself and her kingdom before it’s too late? Tune in to find out!

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