I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child Chapter 94: A Recap and Release Date

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I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child, which was first released in early March 2020, has made it to the top of the Tappytoon weekly rankings once again, reaching #1 on the chart during this week of November 24, 2022! Thanks to everyone who’s been reading so far and voting! This chapter recaps some of what’s happened so far, but more importantly it announces that Chapter 94 will be released on Thursday, December 1st, at 12:00.

In summary, loyal fighter who serves to protect its master, Lady Succubus. Its dream of a peaceful life with her is shattered when they’re both brutally murdered by a group of warriors one day. But what would’ve been a pathetic end to an unremarkable soul sparks a new beginning: when the Skeleton Soldier opens its eyes again, it has traveled back 20 years in time! “I must warn Lady Succubus of all the things to come!” But with no special combat skills and a history of failure and defeat, how can it stop the horrible events from unfolding again? Follow the Skeleton Soldier as it faces the most challenging quest of all—rewriting the ending to its own story.

What Happened in the Last Chapter? Review 

I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant's Child chapter 94: A Recap and Release Date

The last chapter of I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child was both a recap of what had happened in recent chapters as well as a preview to what was coming up in future chapters. There were many emotional moments in this chapter, but it ended on a high Note as we found out that IGP Tyrant’s Child chapter 94 will be released on December 1st!

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The day after the most festive night of the year, Ilya opened her eyes and was greeted with a naked man’s hard, muscular back. Ilya quickly recognized him as Cairat, the emperor known for his cruelty, so she left before he would wake up. Ilya hopes to forget the previous night and move on as if nothing had happened. But things don’t go as she expects. “I am pregnant?” The tyrant’s child was conceived during a one-night stand. “What happens if a woman with His Majesty’s child appears?” “A child who shouldn’t exist, so of course I’d have to deal with it.” In a way, he said that he would kill both the woman and the child. “You should never tell the emperor that you are pregnant.” Ilan decided to keep this secret to herself forever, afraid of what may happen to her child if it was discovered who the father was. But the Emperor’s actions are a bit unusual…Currently!

What Can We Expect in the Next Chapter?

There are several points in this chapter where we really see the depth of Lady Succubus love for Wang San. She is willing to leave her father, her mother, her child, and even her entire world so that she can be with him. Lady Succubus is finally meeting up with Wang San when she has a miscarriage. It is clear that he loved Succubus too because he was so sad about it even though he didn’t know what happened. We don’t know how long this will take to be released but we do know that it will happen soon enough. 

The next chapter 93 of I Got Pregnant With the Tyrant’s Child should be out sometime in November, 24th, 2022! In Chapter 94, Wang San also confesses to Lady Succubus that he is head over heels in love with her after their first date. Lady Succubus still loves Wang San more than anyone else and doesn’t care if they have their happy ending or not as long as they get to spend one more day together before they say goodbye forever.

I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child Chapter 94: Release Date?

I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant's Child Chapter 94: A Recap and Release Date

It will be released on 1st December 2022. A few days ago, I got a call from Ryu Ran editor-in-chief of our publishing house, they said they wanted to meet me in person and asked if I could come over to their office in order to have a talk about releasing my book. 

The publishing house was located at Tappytoon online creator Bar so I had to take a via email to get there. When I arrived at their company, the editors came out to greet me and we all went into a room together. They told me that this publishing house would like to release the manga. However everything has been fixed, the real date and time is announced. 

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