I Thought My Time Was Up! A Must Read Manga Series 

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I Thought My Time Was Up! is a must-read manga series that tells the story of Lariette Blanche and her journey of self-discovery. It is a heart-warming tale that speaks to the power of hope and resilience. The story is told through Lariette’s point of view, and readers can sympathize with her struggles as she discovers the realities of life and death.

The manga series is full of colorful characters and vivid settings, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the story. Each chapter is full of exciting twists and turns, making it hard for readers to put the book down. The characters are wonderfully developed and have very distinct personalities. The series also features a wide range of themes, such as friendship, family, courage, and self-discovery.

I Thought My Time Was Up! is an inspiring story of hope and courage that will leave you feeling uplifted. It is a must-read manga series that is sure to captivate and entertain readers of all ages. Whether you are looking for a light read or a more serious story, this series is sure to have something for everyone. 

I Thought My Time Was Up Anime Adaptation! Release Date

While there is currently no anime adaptation of “I Thought My Time Was Up,” fans of the manhwa can still enjoy the series through its available webcomic format. There has been no official announcement of an anime adaptation in production, but it’s possible that the series may receive one in the future. As of now, there is no release date for an anime adaptation.

I Thought My Time Was Up! Review and Spoiler

In my personal opinion, I really admire the FL for her bubbly, sweet, and free-spirited personality, but I must admit that she can be quite superficial when it comes to looks and can also be selfish at times. It’s disheartening to see her deceive the handsome ML into falling in love with her, without revealing that she is terminally ill. I have come across some spoilers which suggest that she will leave the ML heartbroken, which is quite upsetting since he is such a lovable character. Despite his reputation of being a warmongering beast, the ML is actually a caring and empathetic person, who deserves to find happiness. The butler is also a great character, who is a trustworthy and supportive wingman to the ML.

On the other hand, I have mixed feelings about the priest, who seems to be a little suspicious and obsessive when it comes to the FL. It’s unclear whether his interest in her is due to her powers or if he genuinely likes her. However, his willingness to do anything to get her attention raises some red flags.

Lastly, the FL’s family is nothing short of despicable. They are verbally and physically abusive towards her and were even willing to sell her off to a sleazy old man for quick cash. Despite the FL’s contributions towards the household, they treat her with the bare minimum of respect and disregard her efforts. Additionally, they condone the entitled behavior of her brother, solely because he is male.

Where to Read I Thought My Time Was Up Manhwa?

Fans of “I Thought My Time Was Up” can read the series on Webtoon or other alternative manga sites such as Never comic.

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