I Was the Final Boss: The Good Side Of The Manhwa 

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In the novel I Was the Final Boss: The Good Side of the Story, author David Yang takes us on an incredible journey of Baphomet’s transformation from an all-powerful demon to a mere human. We witness his struggles as he attempts to adjust to his new life, as well as his ever-growing appreciation for the people he once despised.

Through Baphomet’s journey, we learn that even the most powerful of creatures can be humbled and learn to appreciate the beauty of life. We experience Baphomet’s struggles and triumphs as he discovers friendship and love, and ultimately, a newfound respect for humanity. It’s a powerful message of understanding and acceptance that will resonate with readers of all ages.

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I Was the Final Boss: The Good Side of the Story is a heart-warming tale of transformation and redemption. It is an uplifting story of hope and courage that will leave readers feeling inspired. With its deep, meaningful messages and captivating characters, I Was the Final Boss is a must-read!

I Was the Final Boss Review and Spoiler

I Was the Final Boss is a fantasy adventure manga series, published by LuckS and written by LuckS Media. It follows Raven, a Hunter, as she attempts to take down the Abyssal Tower, the source of all evil, and defeat the ruthless Baphomet, the final boss of the tower. Along the way, she meets several other Hunters, each with their own unique abilities.

I Was the Final Boss: The Good Side Of The Story 

The manga is an interesting mix of action, comedy and drama, as Raven and the other Hunters battle their way up the tower. The art is also quite good, and the story is quite gripping as the Hunters get closer to Baphomet.

The manga is definitely worth a read, and it’s a great choice for anyone who enjoys adventure manga. It’s also great for those who are looking for a good story with a unique twist.


At the end of the manga, Baphomet is defeated by Raven, but instead of dying, he is granted his wish to become human. He is then adopted by Raven and her friends, and together they set off on their own adventures.

Man, not only is this manga a “second chance,” but it has the coolest twist ever: one of the tower bosses is the main character! I love that the guy named “Raven” who died has a brother who is going to be one of the main characters, and now there is a cute girl! I can’t wait for the next chapters! The manga is a great example of how a story can be both exciting and heartfelt.

Where to read I Was the Final Boss?

For fans of I Was the Final Boss, manga can be read online on websites such as Webtoon. Since the series is not yet fully published on Tappytoon, I can recommend that you read it on Webtoons’ official site

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