If I Never Loved You Season 2: Will They a Chapter 101? Recap and the Release Date

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If I Never Loved You Season 2: I know the reason why you are here is that you are interested in reading the season 2 or chapter 101 of the manga series recap After subjecting her to three years of sexual assault, Nick Lu discovered that the lady he had tormented was the same one he had loved when they were younger. However, Cindy Yan had already departed, taking the unborn child and the humiliation she had endured with her…

If I Never Loved You: Will They a Chapter 101? 

The creator has not updated us, so we think there will not be any season for this series at the moment. To be honest, the beginning drew my attention and I enjoyed it; however, as the story progressed to the final chapter, it began to deteriorate; as fans awaited the new season, it lost its plot and just continued adding little misunderstandings, which I thought was kind of dumb; and finally, as the story came to a close, I was very disappointed. 

If I Never Loved You Chapter 1 to 101 Recap And Review

This is going to be a review and recap of chapters 1 to 100 of “If I Never Loved You” the manga, Wendy Yan An once lost herself to her lover, Lu Yun Zhan. She decides to change her life after experiencing one oppression, misunderstanding, and framing after another. With hard evidence, she manages to prove in front of everyone that she was framed in the past, and thus Lu Yun Zhan realizes how deeply he has misunderstood her. In the end, this lovely couple gets back together.

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Since I am aware that comic book artists put a lot of effort into their work, I try to avoid writing reviews that are critical of the medium. But if I’m being completely honest, this is one of the most typical comics I’ve ever read. If you already have the WebComics app, you shouldn’t waste your dollars on something like this. In the beginning, unhealthy relationships are romanticized. After then, the narrative drags on for far too long, despite the fact that it had the potential for a satisfying conclusion because the primary characters eventually achieved what they desired. The plot contains an unbelievable number of “twists,” yet the writing for the plot is so bad that it almost turns into a comedy. Additionally, a significant amount of Nick’s (one of the main characters) backstory is omitted, and it is not even expanded upon. They briefly discuss his history in order to contextualize the events that take place, but they never return to the topic again. The pacing is terrible, and despite the fact that the artwork at initially seems great, it really gets worse as the story progresses. To such an extent that the major antagonist, who greatly resembles the main character, has the wrong hair color in one of the chapters and is wearing an outfit that does not match the one from the previous chapter. This is because the main antagonist highly resembles the main character. I have never read a comic that cared so little to get something like that wrong. It would be one thing if it was corrected, but it hasn’t been corrected yet. I have never read a comic that cared so little to get something like that wrong. This chapter (Ch.101), which was published on 11/05/2022, does not yet have any corrections made to it.

If I Never Loved You Season 2

The quality of the work begins strong but gradually declines. The writing is terrible, and none of the characters have any depth. Webcomics are not worth the investment of your time or money.

If I Never Loved You Characters

• Cindy Yan

• Nick Lu

• Wendy Yan

If I Never Loved You: Previous Chapter Release date

The first season’s first chapter was released on November 29, 2021, and the final season’s first chapter was released on February 7, 2022. This chapter (Ch.101), which was published on November 11, 2021, does not yet have any corrections made to it.

Where to Read If I Never Loved You?

Fans can read who are interested or willing to read this manga. We recommend you read this series on Toomic or Webtoon’s official websites if you wish to support the author of this manga as we are hoping for a new season two (2). So it’s best to start reading this series as soon as possible to catch up with the series.

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