I’m the Max-Level Newbie: Tappytoon Set To Release chapter 103 this month Ending

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I’m the Max-Level Newbie: is a popular action-fantasy web novel created and written by Maslow, with original cover art by San. The story revolves around gaming streamer Jinhyeok Kang, who spent eleven years obsessively playing Tower of Trials, a game that everyone else abandoned as garbage. The fate of the entire world depends on clearing the fifty-level tower from his beloved game, which has now appeared in real life. This article will provide an exhaustive analysis of the highly anticipated Chapter 103, set to release this month on Tappytoon.

The Journey So Far

Jinhyeok Kang, the protagonist, is the only person who has cleared the game “Tower of Trials“. As the game’s popularity declines, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to continue making a living as a content creator. However, the Tower appears in real life, and Jinhyeok decides to use his knowledge to his advantage and dominate the tower. Along the way, he meets various characters, such as Alice Von Ataraxia, Teresa Du Laurentia, and Hana Park.

Chapter 102 Recap

In the previous chapter, Kang, Casey, and Judelo are seen strolling around the dungeon, with Judelo still reminiscing about their previous encounter. Kang realizes he has depleted his social energy and tells Casey and Judelo that they must promise him that they will never kill again just because they feel like it.

Chapter 103: New Challenges and Alliances

I’m the Max-Level Newbie

The upcoming Chapter 103 is expected to bring new challenges and adventures for Kang and his companions. Fans are excited to see how the story unfolds, as Kang’s journey has been anything but smooth so far. As the stakes continue to rise, it will be interesting to see how Kang’s relationships with his allies evolve and whether new alliances will be formed.

The Power of Knowledge

One of the unique aspects of I’m the Max-Level Newbie is how Jinhyeok Kang’s extensive knowledge of the game gives him an advantage in the real-life Tower of Trials. His expertise allows him to navigate the challenges and dangers of the tower with relative ease, often surprising his companions and enemies alike. In Chapter 103, we can expect to see more instances of Kang’s knowledge playing a crucial role in overcoming obstacles.

Character Development

As the story progresses, the characters in I’m the Max-Level Newbie continue to grow and evolve. In Chapter 103, we may see further development of the relationships between Kang and his companions, as well as the introduction of new characters that will impact the story. Additionally, the choices and actions of the characters will likely shape the direction of the plot, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.


I’m the Max-Level Newbie has captured the attention of fans with its engaging storyline, intriguing characters, and thrilling action. With Chapter 103 set to release this month on Tappytoon, readers are eagerly awaiting the next installment in Jinhyeok Kang’s journey to conquer the Tower of Trials and save the world. As the story unfolds, we can expect more surprises, challenges, and alliances to emerge, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

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