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If you’re looking for an action-packed, thrilling read, then look no further! Infinite Leveling: Murim is a unique novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. This story follows the journey of Murim, a young man who discovers that he has the power to level up infinitely, and his quest to become the strongest person in the world. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the plot of the novel, giving our opinion of the book, and giving some spoilers for those who can’t wait to find out what happens.

What Is Murim?

Murim is a Korean manhwa (comic) written and illustrated by Tae-Hoon Kim. It follows the story of Yuseong Dan, a man who has been killed in battle without gaining any glory. After his death, he is presented with an offer to start over and become powerful through a strange level system. He must complete various quests and challenges to gain experience points and level up. As he progresses through the levels, he discovers a vast and complex world full of mysteries and secrets that he must unravel in order to survive. Along the way, Yuseong meets other characters who will aid him on his journey, as well as formidable enemies that threaten to stop him from achieving his goal. With its exciting action sequences, vivid artwork, and thrilling plot twists, Murim is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

The Plot

Murim is an action-packed Korean webtoon series that tells the story of Im Jang-sik, a martial artist who discovers he has the ability to infinitely level up. He starts out as a low-level martial artist but soon discovers his strength is unparalleled. With his newfound power, Im Jang-sik embarks on a journey to the mysterious Murim world, where martial arts masters reign supreme.
The Murim world is full of powerful martial artists, each with their own unique abilities and skills. Im Jang-sik must face off against these martial artists as he traverses the land and works to uncover the secrets of infinite leveling. Along the way, Im Jang-sik makes allies and enemies, fights off powerful enemies, and learns more about himself and the world around him.
In addition to the core plot, there are various side stories that are also explored throughout the series. Im Jang-sik’s relationships with those around him are developed and explored, giving readers a look into the relationships between characters in this fascinating world. The main themes of justice, morality, and strength are also explored in depth, allowing readers to gain insight into the motivations of the characters and the struggles they face.

Infinite Leveling: Murim Review

First of all, I’d like to say that the negative review on the front page is bull**t; this is one of the better handled murim works out there. It has a great plot so far, the characters are very interesting, and the world-building is pretty smart. The flow is nice, if not a tad slow, but in a good way. The later chapters are three times longer than the earlier ones, if you were wondering. It just keeps getting better.

Infinite Leveling: Murim

Story: It’s clear the author thought a lot about the story in general. The game system is overpowered, but it works on a very realistic “work hard, gain hard” principle. So far, no sudden strength gains have cropped up, and it still feels very balanced and satisfying. The plot is structured like your typical Murim adventure, but with a more realistic progression; it isn’t anything crazy, and there are no “heavenly black hole creators with one attack guy.”

Characters: the characters are very good, the main trio is very endearing, they have pretty well developed personalities, and I haven’t seen a trace of inconsistencies up until now. There is also a pretty satisfying underworld romance subplot that works very well for me. The side characters feel very much like people, and the world feels big and detailed thanks to them. The villains so far, apart from some wicked enemies, have been in the gray area of morality; nonetheless, most of them get defeated in very satisfying ways.

Art: The art is nice; it improves as the story goes along and the chapters get longer (which is awesome considering most mangas have short chapters to milk more money out of you); the fights make sense and flow nicely; and there are some pretty good character designs and set pieces to view along the ride.

Overall, I highly recommend this story; it’s cool, kind of original, and one of the most well executed murim stories out there. If you like zero-to-hero stories with some comedy and a pretty serious tone at times, I highly recommend this. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun!

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