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Is Buggy Son of a Noble? All About Buggy And Noble

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This is an in-deep article about Buggy and Noble popular One Piece character.

Buggy was Choice to become the warlord.

We have no information on Buggy’s parents. However, I believe he is the son of a nobleman. This hypothesis can be explained in three ways.

Buggy’s hair is blonde.

Buggy dyes his hair blue and truly has blonde hair, which is a prominent trait of world aristocrats, as shown in the One Piece Movie Stampede.

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Buggy’s character

Buggy the Star Clown is the captain of the Buggy Pirates, as well as the Buggy and Alvida Alliance’s co-leader and a former Roger Pirates apprentice. He joined the Shichibukai and became the leader of the pirate dispatch group “Buggy’s Delivery” shortly after the Battle of Marineford.

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Buggy has a personality that is reminiscent of one-piece nobility such as Stelly. Buggy is conceited and arrogant, desiring to be admired and feared by others.

He does not devote much time to enhancing his own powers as a great warrior, preferring instead to focus on recruiting powerful minions who do the dirty job while being subjected to him.

He is also incredibly greedy and is always thinking about how much money he can make. He is obsessed with finding treasure and spends the most of his time pursuing maps that lead to vast sums of money.

Roger discovered him in this location.

We have no idea how or where Roger discovered him. I believe it has something to do with the incident in God’s Valley, which was mentioned in the large chapter 957. The Rocks Pirates clashed with Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp in that incident.

It was also mentioned that world aristocrats were present in God Valley at the time, and that Rocks D. Xebec attempted to attack or murder them. Buggy was one year old at the time. As a result, when there was pandemonium, his parents either abandoned him aboard Roger’s ship or died, leaving Roger to take Buggy.

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This is how Buggy, Noble’s kid, ended up on Roger’s ship.
This is my final thought, and I do love to hear your opinion about this writing, Noble And bUggy. What are your thoughts about it? Please leave a comment below.

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