Jungle Juice Chapter 86: Suchan Jang will return! Recap And Release Date

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Jungle Juice Chapter 86: It’s been months since the last update, but this one was worth the wait! While we can’t divulge the details, we can announce that Suchan Jang will finally be making his grand return to Jungle Juice! The new chapters will be released on September 29th through September 29th at 11pm EST! Jungle Juice has consistently remained one of the most popular webtoons, as evidenced by its wide range of viewers from all over the world. So make sure you tune in once more with us to see what Suchan Jang has been up to since his disappearance!

Recap: Suchan Jang is a remarkable college student who stands at the pinnacle of the social food chain. However, he is hiding a pair of insect wings that mysteriously grew on him after he used a bug spray referred to as “Jungle Juice.” This is the only flaw in his otherwise flawless appearance. When Suchan exposes his wings to the outside world in order to save the life of another, his life begins to fall apart. Suchan happens upon a hidden world of insect humans at a time when it appears that all hope is lost. In this world, everyone is accepted for who and what they are. But the law of the jungle rules over this underground society, and everyone has to look out for themselves if they want to stay alive.

Jungle Juice Chapter 86: What Will Happen Next?

The new chapter was a great recap of the previous one and it is amazing that you guys put all that effort into this book. I can’t wait for the next chapter to come out so I can see what happens next.I can’t wait to see nest variations of the Chinese mantis, the largest praying mantis in the world, the black widow, the Brazilian wondering spider, and mostly any of the ant species.

Previous Chapter Recap

This is such a cute extra episode! Can’t believe they actually went on a date. As soon as I saw the title I was so excited and couldn’t wait to read it. When I read it, I thought that they were going to go on just a simple date but they actually went on an amazing date! They went to a restaurant, had dinner together and then played games in the arcade. It was such a cute story and I loved how it ended with them finally kissing!Also, the Science girl basically makes a feed-trained specimen blush over that, proving that she is truly taming those monsters.Idk, I just love all these bonus moments and even Prof Ma enjoying Xmas. Dear writer and artists, thank you for creating JJ and congratulations on finishing S1!When I saw Suchan in the panel before the bonus scenes, I was like, “Dayumm!?” They’re always hot, but some panels just hit differently, as they always do in this ? Have a good rest over the break, and take care. S2 excites me.
Do the people with transformed hands have someone button their pants or shirts for them, or do they only wear sweatpants and t-shirts?Idk why this popped into my head, but I need answers! Haha. Also, thank you, author and team, for all the hard work and awesomeness you bring us readers. 

Jungle Juice Chapter 86: Suchan Jang will return! Recap And Release Date

Jungle Juice Chapter 86: Release Date

You won’t have to wait much longer for the next chapter of Jungle Juice. The release date for Chapter 86 is on September 29th. It’ll be a recap of the previous chapters, so make sure you’re caught up before reading it.

Where To Read Jungle Juice

Fans of this manga will be able to read it on Webtoons, a site where you can read a variety of different manga for free. Whether you’re looking for something lighthearted or dark and twisted, there’s something out there for everyone.

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