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Kaido vs Yamato: The day she finally made up her mind to fight her father

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Kaido vs Yamato, The day she finally made up her mind to fight her father.

Yamato has finally made up her mind to fight her father in the land of Wano, and this is the biggest fight of all time because ODA has made Yamato a special character.

And this is the main reason Oda didn’t let her join the crew; she would have made Zoro number 3 in terms of power, and Zoro fans would have been as hurt as number 4 fans currently, but Oda can be nice some times, so he didn’t let her join the crew.

After kaido-mocking Luffy into the sea, even though Luffy didn’t die because he was rescued by a black sea crew. This time, Oda, the author of One Piece, has made the right decision when, in episodes 1038–1039, Yamato appears to fight her father. And this time around, everyone in the land of Wano will fight Kaido and bring him down based on the order master otama gave in the first place.

Kaido vs Yamato

Jumoke Alaji She would have been perfect unless Oda has major plans for Franky in this arc; honestly, with the Vega punk stuff, Franky could get massive upgrades.

So, as a fan, what did you think about this fight? or will Yamato get revenge on her father and kill him?

Let us know in the comments section.

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