Kanojo Wa Dare Te Demon Suru Spoiler and where to Watch

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Welcome to StiG. It has been a long time since we published about the Kanojo wa Dare te Demon Suru anime. So today we decided to release the spoilers we had for the series. This is an anime based on an NTR ero-game by Team Goblin Orcsoft and a drawing by Torajirou-sensei. The story here is pretty basic; the protagonist (Kazuhiro Sayama) is in love. Who is his first love? Well, his first love is the sweet and talented Erika Sakurai. However, Erika has a secret: she is a nymphomaniac. In her free time, she dedicated herself to “hunting men” and having sex without any shame.

How will Kazuhiro react when he discovers the true face of his beloved? my main spoiler begin, the main character ended in disappointment when Erika told him his secret, but he agreed (the key word here is “agreed”) and began helping her, fulfilling one of the various fetishes that she has (paying her rent with her body, being recorded or seen as she has relations with someone, etc.).

Kanojo Wa Dare Te Demon Suru Spoiler and where to Watch

Taking all that information into account, the ending doesn’t bother you too much because the main character as well as us, the viewers, already know what kind of girl Erika is…

The art is pretty good. This hanime has some good and amazing H scenes and great ahegao shots. If you are a fan like me of anime overflow girls and Heram, then this Hanime is for you!

Where to watch Kanojo Wa Dare Te Demon Suru Anime

For some fans who want to know more about the series, you can watch Kanojo wa Dare te Demon Suru on Hanime or another alternative site. However, Kazuhiro Sayama finally gathers the courage to confess to his crush, Erika Sakurai. She responds by immediately having SuH with their gym teacher in front of him. It turns out that the girl of his dreams is a voracious SuH addict, and she’s especially into exhibitionism.

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