Keep It a Secret From Your Mother: Must Read Manga Series

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Keep It a Secret From Your Mother is a Must Read Manga Series, The two people who were noisily arguing in the tavern finally came to an agreement, and they carried the unconscious man away from the tavern. It turned out that he was actually quite rich, but he died from being poisoned by one of the mushrooms that he ate that day. The news traveled fast, and it didn’t take long before the royal family sent some royal guards over to interrogate Ye Lang again.

The main character does not have a love angel since he has been too preoccupied with his studies, but Nayeon reassures him that students who study too much still enjoy their life.

Even the class president enjoys life while studying excessively, which alters Haesong’s perspective and marks the start of the webcomic’s true story.

Keep It a Secret From Your Mother final Chapter: What Will Happen Next?

Haesong inquired about his mother’s earlier vow to allow him to live alone in Seoul. His mother had said that she would let him live alone when he turned eighteen, but now he was only seventeen. Haesong was worried that his mother would change her mind, but she assured him that she would not. She told him that he could live alone in Seoul as long as he promised to keep in touch with her and to visit her often. Haesong was relieved and happy to hear this news. He promised his mother that he would do what she asked of him. After the conversation, they both went back inside the house to prepare for dinner. 

A few days later, Haesong came home from school late at night after studying for an exam all day. He noticed something odd about the front gate and walked closer to inspect it more closely. Suddenly, there was a loud noise from behind the bushes; somebody had been spying on them from there! 

Haesong quickly looked around for whoever it might be- maybe one of their neighbors or just somebody walking by- but couldn’t find anybody else nearby except for two dark figures approaching him from behind the bushes- it was Yeona and Nayeon.

Previous Chapter Recap

In the previous Keep It a Secret From Your Mother Chapter 59,  it was revealed that Haesong is Yeon-ah’s twin sister. The siblings are now living together with their mother and Soo-Yeon. Haesong had missed her younger sister dearly and was very excited to see her. In this new chapter, the sisters were swimming during their summer vacation and looked at each other for the first time in eight years.

Keep It a Secret From Your Mother Chapter 54 & 55

Yeon-ah spoke first and said, “I’m so happy I found you!” Haesong replied in a cheerful voice, “I’m glad too!” They hugged one another tightly as they smiled happily. Then the two girls began to speak about all of the things they want to do together from now on.

Keep It a Secret From Your Mother Final Chapter: Release Date

This series seem to ongoing, the Final Chapter of the popular novel series Keep It a Secret from Your Mother is scheduled to be released. The series tells the story of fraternal twins, one of whom is secretly gay. In this chapter, the gay twin’s secret is finally revealed to his sister. Fans can read the manga on its official website or other free alternatives.

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