Killer Crush Chapter 37: Will Joo Taeman Get escape? Release Date

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On the latest episode of Killer Crush, Joo Taeman struggles to uncover the identity of her stalker and prevent him from succeeding in his evil plans. Can he be stopped before someone else dies? Tune in to find out!

In summary, A killer only has to do three things. Go on missions. Kill people. Leave absolutely no trace behind. Joo Taeman has 14 years of experience under his belt and he’s never let his feelings get the better of him. Never. That is, until Taeman experiences butterflies in his stomach after seeing national sweetheart Kang Dahyeok in person. But as it turns out, Taeman’s not the only one smitten on the spot. Dahyeok’s been looking for someone who can help him escape his reputation as a hunky heartthrob to live his gritty noir dreams. This killer crush’s out to get someone, but who’ll be the first to succumb?

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Summary Of Chapter 36

Joo Taeman was about to get killed, but he was saved by Lee Woo Jin. Woo Jin told him that the only way for him to survive is to get out of town before Friday. If not he will be killed by the person who is trying to kill him. Joo Taeman starts to pack his things up, but when he opens his door a knife comes flying at him with a note attached saying I’ll see you tomorrow.

After saving him from getting killed, Woo Jin tells Joo Taeman that he is also in danger. He is a witness to how he murdered his wife. In order for him to survive and be safe, he needs to leave town by tomorrow morning before Friday comes. If not he will be dead by then. The killer won’t miss his chance to kill him since it’s almost over and everyone else knows who it is except for Joo Taemnn. Knowing that they’re both in danger and need to get out of town as soon as possible, they decide to go together by renting a car until Thursday night so no one can track them down and know where they are.

Killer Crush Chapter 37: What Will Happen Next?

Will Joo Taeman Get Killed? Spoiler Alert! You can stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happens in chapter 37. Joo Taeman is at the police station, and he’s been accused of killing his wife who died in a car accident. The police officers are saying that they have evidence that Joo Taeman was having an affair and there are photos, but Joo Taeman is trying to tell them that this is all just a misunderstanding. He’s telling them about how his wife has a lot of debt from all of her shopping, and he thinks she may have killed herself after the bank rejected their loan application.

The police officers are still suspicious and ask him why there was so much debt on his wife’s credit card even though she had just got a promotion. They ask him if he was having an affair and how he could have let her spend so much money. All of a sudden, one of them tells another officer to check for text messages on Joo Taeman’s phone. Then they all stand back as if they’ve discovered something important. It turns out that some of those old texts were saved in an attachment from one of his older emails and those couldn’t be deleted even when he reset his phone.

Killer Crush Chapter 37

Killer Crush Chapter 37 Release Date

Killer Crush Chapter 37 Will Be Released on or before 4th, December. Killer Crush Chapter 36 was released on November 27th and the most recent chapter, chapter 37, is scheduled to be released on or before December 4th. In this chapter, we find out that Anna escaped from prison because she has a message for Yoon Shi-wook about what’s going on with her father. And that she needs to meet up with him as soon as possible. So will Joo Taeman get killed in the next chapter? We’ll find out when it’s released! The chapters are released every other Sunday so stay tuned to our blog!

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