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King of the Mound Chapter 22: Baseball Competition! Release Date and Recaps

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King of the Mound Chapter 22, Fans were asking about the ongoing manga series called king of the Mound, while some kept waiting for the next chapter to be released in order for them to read it. In this post we have detailed everything about the next chapter, recap, and the release date of the series.

King of the Mound Chapter 22: Baseball Competition! Release Date and Recaps

Kill the hero was a pretty good story. I read the novel and a bit of the manhwa. The manhwa artist was so good, in fact, I will personally rate this manga as 10/10 based on the storyline.

A quick recap of the story. Lee Jinyong, the main character, gave up on his dream of becoming a baseball player due to a number of injuries, a frail body, and financial issues and lived as a factory worker instead. One day, Lee Jinyong’s idol Kim Jinho, a Korean baseball legend who went away ten years prior, as well as the spirit of Kim Jinho appeared before him. At the same time, Lee Jinyong acquired a power that gave him the characteristics of a pitcher, much like a video game avatar, and an unknown notice that the “Baseball Manager” would begin appeared. To become “King of the Mound,” he returns to the playing field.

King of the Mound Chapter 22: What Will Happen Next?

Lee will be in big competition. Lee also knew nothing about baseball a while back but after watching Ace of Diamond, I found the game interesting but it gets complicated especially for beginners since it has a lot of rules compared to other sports

In the competition is either lee win or lose since the chapter is not yet released, let wait to see what is going to happen in the next chapter on the manga.

Previous Chapter Recap

This seems like a murder charge after the main characters l challenge a guy batting bouta get humbled. King of the Mound Chapter 22 was very interesting and was describe in the previous paragraph.

King of the Mound Chapter 22: Baseball Competition! Release Date and Recaps

Bout to get Michael Jordan’s signature and him die in a “car accident” then I get to see his spirit and get a system. to be completely honest even without the system just the ghost coaching him is enough to make this story decent. And this was my first official sports anime. 

King of the Mound Chapter 22: Release Date

King of the Mound Chapter 22 will be released next week on August 9, 2022.

Fans would be able to read the series on Assuranscan or webnovel.

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