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Kotone Shirakawa Character (Overflow)

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Hello readers, I thought it might be good for people to get to know me a little bit better, so I’m writing this brief bio. Here are some of my hobbies and things about Kotone Shirakawa of Overflow that you may or may not know…

Kotone Shirakawa (白川琴音 Shirakawa Kotone) is a character in the anime Overflow. The only playable character on the protagonist’s side, she is a student. 

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Kotone has a younger sister named Ayane Shirakawa who is two years younger than her. She also has an older brother named Kazushi Sudou who is three years older than her. They both enjoy playing video games and watching anime together as well as having sleep overs with one another in one room.

If you haven’t heard about Kotone Shirakawa of Overflow, then lucky you! That means you still have time to get to know her. Kotone made a name for herself in the Overflow Anime  Series by putting on a show. The Series went viral after appearing on Anime Tv in her costume. 

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I’ve been searching for an article about Kotone for months. I’ve gone through several forums and websites and nothing satisfied me. A lot of information is scattered around the place, some of it isn’t even relevant to Kotone! Plus a lot of it is just outright speculation or rumors… The people who I talk to on the phone are always busy and whenever I send out a helpdesk… they never reply. That’s why I thought to write this article after a long research, so that you can get everything you need to know about Kotone in here!

Who Is Kotone From Overflow?

Kotone Shirakawa
Kotone Shirakawa
Voice By:Mitsu Arizu
Hair Color Black
Height 1.53M

Birth Name

Kotone’s full name is Shirakawa Kotone (しらかわ ことね). Japanese names are written in the Eastern order, which means that her family name comes first. Her given name consists of two syllables: koto and Ne. Together they make up Kotone.


Born: N/A, Japan


Kotone Shirakawa’s origin story is a bit of a mystery. She first appeared in the Series of Overflow, but there is no clear indication of where she came from or what she was doing before that point. She seems to have always been an idol fan.


Anime / Romance 



Years Active (YA)


Voice Author (VA)

Mitsu Anzu



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Kotone Shirakawa is older sister 

Kotone Shirakawa is an older sister of Ayane Shirakawa. She is also a Japanese musician and member of the band overflow. Her birthday is August 18, 1999 in Tokyo, Japan. She was born on August 18th 1999 which makes her 23 years old by now in 2022 (2 years old) Base on the Story.


Kotone Shirakawa is the main character of the anime Overflow. She’s not just an average young girl, she’s very bright and always ready to help someone that needs it. Asides from being a student, Kotone is also a swimmer and member of her school’s swimming club. Kotone has blue eyes and short black hair, as well as bangs framing her face.

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