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Legit fact about enaira. According to CBN, say enaira is a digital currency issued and regulated by the central bank of Nigeria. Enaira is a Nigeria-based digital currency. Like the other countries own bitcoin, litecoin, etherean, repple, Cordano, zcash, and dogecoin are examples of enaira use for trading, buying, and selling. Enaira is also a digital cryptocurrency wallet where an individual can use it for trading, sending, and receiving digital currency in Nigeria.

Like I said in my previous post, “WHO IS STIG” and what we are offering your client is something that will be interesting every individual try to be entertained or learn new skills is something I do recommend everyone of you to check it out. Back to the enaira, recently, president muhammad Buhari and the central bank governor Godwin .E. announced the launch of enaira on Monday 25, October 2021. Since the enaira server is always busy due to the number of candidates interesting in having an enaira digital currency wallet, a lot of people are facing serious challenges, and that is why I decide to write and explain everything about enaira and things you should be aware of! So keep reading so that you will understand everything before signing up with enaira.


Enaira is the first Africa decentralized digital or cryptocurrency featuring and issued by the central bank of Nigeria. This means enaira can only be operated by Nigerian citizen, or someone who has an account with any of the commercial banks of Nigeria can also use it as well.


The official enaira website is and is the commercial page. Back to enaira price:- the enaira price is naira that stands as wealth against dollar and naira. That means the enaira will stop the increase in the dollar against naira; though the price will be something valuable, we’ll discuss it in the next season of this post, so I recommend you keep reading.


enaira crypto

Yes, enaira is a cryptocurrency, the name E electrical digital currency that represents naira generally.


Though since the launch of the enaira, a lot of people have been facing serious challenges related to this question due to that google removed the enaira app from the play store, that is why I decided to write everything down in a simple and easy format.
Some of the reasons why your registration may not be successful. It is because their server is busy, and as a result, it will say: email not attached to this account that you should visit your bank blah blah. The truth is that even if you have an email attached to the account, it will still say the same to avoid this. Kindly try by 12- 5 am, and if it those not work, you may contact your bank directly via email. Or via live chat; some banks support this method. Visiting your bank is not the option though you will receive a different story. My advice is to keep trying. Everything will make normal later. And if you are using UNITED BANK OF AFRICA (UBA), you can download this form, fill it and go straight to the customer desk and submit it. (download enaira email update form here). [ENAIRA FORM 1] [eNAIRA FORM 2]


According to the central bank of Nigeria, governor Godwin says, with enaira, an individual or business owner can make a profit for a particular activity. This means the answer is unclear, but I think it will be something similar to the truest wallet where you invest by founding and leave it on your account so that once the price increase, you earn profit from it. Enaira wallet is something I do recommend every individual Nigeria to have found your wallet invest and wait for the result.


This is my final word, the end of my article. But I do wish to hear from you via comment, and let share your thought about this enaira. I recommend you check my entertain enaira comedy video; you will enjoy it again. Thank you for reading. Let me hear from you via comment season.

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