Let’s Get Divorced: Should you Read or watch The series? Review and Recaps

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The art style looks incredible! The plot seems interesting too. “Let’s Get Divorced”: A Thought-Provoking Manga on the Complexities of Marriage. The manga “Let’s Get Divorced” by Seohu Haein is a powerful and thought-provoking look at the complexities of marriage and the emotions that come with it. The story follows the lives of three couples as they navigate the ups and downs of their relationships, ultimately leading to the difficult decision of divorce.

One of the most striking things about the manga is its realistic portrayal of marriage. The characters are not simply one-dimensional caricatures, but fully fleshed-out individuals with their own hopes, dreams, and flaws. They are relatable and their struggles will resonate with many readers.

The story also delves into the societal pressures that come with marriage and how they can impact a relationship. The characters are not only dealing with their own personal issues, but also the expectations of their families and society at large. It’s a story that highlights the importance of communication and understanding in a marriage.

Let's Get Divorced: Should you Read or watch The series? Review and Recaps

Kouno’s art style is simple yet effective, with a focus on character expression and emotion. The panel layout and pacing are also used to great effect in conveying the story’s themes and emotions.

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“Let’s Get Divorced” is not an easy or light read, but it is a powerful and thought-provoking one. It’s a story that will resonate with many readers and provide a much-needed perspective on the complexities of marriage. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in the human experience of love and relationships.

In conclusion, “Let’s Get Divorced” is a powerful and thought-provoking manga that delves into the complexities of marriage and the emotions that come with it. It’s a highly recommended read for anyone interested in the human experience of love and relationships

Manhwa Summary

After her “storm kick” video goes viral on the Internet, Baek-hui is too humiliated and ashamed to live in Korea and wants to relocate to a different country. To do so, she agrees to marry Han-gyeol, who holds a permanent resident status in Australia, and plans to divorce him as soon as she gets her visa. However, to receive their marriage certificate, they must prove that their love is “legit.” How are they going to do that when their marriage is a fraud?

Let’s Get Divorced Manga Review

There’s a lot of wish fulfillment in the plot for the female lead, but there’s also an interesting conspiracy plot currently unfolding.
Although the characters and their motives are kept rather plain (for now), their chemistry is good, imho. Sounds pretty amazing considering the title and the actual plots, but if you read between the lines of all their misunderstandings and the fact that she doesn’t really hate him and only wants a divorce for her survival, then you can easily get that impression. Anyway, in my opinion, their chemistry is great.

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