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Lightning Degree Chapter 133: Recap, Release Date and Where To Read?

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Lightning Degree Chapter 133: When Ryu-Yeon was just 10 years old, he had to watch as an illness took the life of his father. Because of the training he had from his father, he was able to carve wood into sculptures that were extraordinarily detailed. A very old man approached Ryu-Yeon one day after he had finished sculpting his parents, and the very old guy was very amazed by the sculptures that Ryu-Yeon had created. The wise old man recognized that Ryu-Yeon had potential and asked him if he would be interested in becoming one of his disciples. Ryu-Yeon wanted to make the most of his life and didn’t have somewhere else to go, so he decided to take the elderly guy up on his offer.

I NEVER write reviews, but this manga has piqued my interest since not only is it vastly underestimated for something of the caliber of MASTERPIECE, but virtually no one discusses it. In contrast to the majority of other stories, this one features excellent writing and a main character who, rather than being given an unfair advantage, is forced to overcome challenges. Even though the first couple of chapters are somewhat slow, you WILL be fascinated once you get into the plot of the story since the author’s writing incorporates comedy as well as many other components that keep the story from feeling repetitive.

Lightning Degree Chapter 133: Recap, Release Date and Where To Read?

As long as the artwork is passable, I’m not too concerned about it. However, the artwork in this manhwa may look like the artwork in other manhwas, but the level of detail put between each picture is enormous. For example, shadows cast by buildings on other objects have been added. In general, the artwork just goes that extra mile, even though there is no reason for it to do so.

You will not lose focus on the characters, which is important because many of the previous characters who were used in a different plot show up, making you remember them even though they are just side characters. The characters are AMAZING, and you will care about each one of them, whether it is because you dislike them or because you like them.

I think that this story deserves more recognition for the amazing story telling, and capturing you into its development. Although the story starts off slowly, right after the plot kicks in you WILL NOT be able to stop reading the chapters! Overall, this manhwa will definitely make you feel an experience that you have never felt before, and I think that this story should be given more recognition for the amazing story telling, and capturing you into its development.

Lightning Degree Chapter 133 Release Date

Lightning Degree Chapter 133 it will be released on or before 4th October 2022. and for manga fans, there can catch up and read the series on webtoon or other alternatives. but I do recommend fans to support the author as well by reading it on an official website it would be appreciated.

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