Like Wind on a Dry Branch Chapter 91: Everything You Need To Know! Release Date

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Fans who have successfully Read the previous chapter of Like Wind on a Dry Branch can’t wait to see the Next chapter to will out. And if you are on the shoes of this weekend released then the content is for you, will have covered everything you need to know including the recap, short review and the release date.

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Recap of the story: Enchanting widow Rieta Tristi finds herself at the mercy of a malicious nobleman and his dying wish to have her buried alive beside his corpse as the empire is ravaged by disease and turmoil. The nobleman’s dying wish is to have her buried alive beside his corpse. Her husband died from the plague, and slave traders kidnapped her young child. Now, her own life is in danger, but an unexpected visit from the exiled prince of the empire changes everything.

I have to say that this chapter is both adorable and sad I mean, it’s adorable to see a young Rieta. She is so cute and so full of fire. But it’s also sad because the brave and spirited young Rieta ends up being abused and broken by a cruel world. She was abused by the Abbott of the church where she was studying, she lost her first husband and a friend who was supposed to protect her, and her daughter abandoned them.

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Like Wind on a Dry Branch Chapter 91: What Will Happen Next?

Now I’m really curious about what Rieta’s unspoken doubts are. My guess is that he had his own designs for her and hoped to finally get his chance with her when her husband died. When she rejected him, he left her to deal with his father’s cruelty.

We all know he’s a demonologist, or that because he’s an illegitimate child, his father didn’t care about his opinion and pursued her anyway.Another thing I don’t like is when people assume ” he must have had feelings for her.” Can’t a guy and a girl just be friends? You will find out what is going to happen next in the chapters.

Previous Chapter Recap

The main character, Killian, gets the truth out, and that was the real reason he didn’t help Reita in the first place. Yes, height could have helped you when you were young and when your husband died, but it didn’t help you when your child was kidnapped, you were abused by his father, and you were about to be *buried alive*, so unless you have a very good reason, some fans are going to hate your guts due to what happened in the previous chapter.

Like Wind on a Dry Branch Chapter 91

Like Wind on a Dry Branch Chapter 91 Release Date

This chapter 91 will be released on September 24th, 2022, and fans will be able to catch up with the manga on the official Webtoon site.

I bet he had feelings for Reita since childhood and became envious of her and Jade as they grew older. Perhaps even after Jade passed away, it became clear that Reita would never have any romantic feelings for him. As a response, he chose not to aid her when she needed it most as a cruel way to punish her for her disinterest in him. I’ll bet anything he wanted to take Jade’s place in Reita’s life well before she drew his father’s attention.

Where can I Read Like Wind on a Dry Branch?

Fans who loves to read this manga series and have put this question on mine, “where can I read Like Wind on a Dry Branch” in the right way and free from virus of redirect. Then I would personally recommend you to read this series on webtoons to support the creator.

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