Little Lady Mint: Is the manga Worth Reading? Recap and Release Date

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With the death of Little Lady Mint’s mother, life has been hard for the young girl and her father. But, when her father gets remarried to an elegant woman, she couldn’t be happier to have someone to cook and clean for them. However, this new stepmother isn’t the kindest person in the world, and her father seems oblivious to the pain she inflicts upon Little Lady Mint. With nowhere else to turn and no way out of her situation, will Little Lady Mint find happiness with her new family?

Little Lady Mint

In summary, For little Mint, every day is hell at the Merigold orphanage. One day, Master Yulius, the Grand Duke of Elkedonia, offers to take her in as the little lady of Elkedonia! However, Mint is extremely shy and nervous, and such a huge transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Join Mint as she grows from a meek girl to a daring, outspoken lady while magical and religious tensions unfold!

Little Lady Mint: Is It Worth Reading 

Yes, it’s worth reading this manga. If you’re looking for a manga that’s enjoyable and easy to read, Little Lady Mint might be right up your alley. 

The story follows a young girl named mint who has been a scavenger since she was born. She meets a boy named Haru who changes her life in ways she didn’t know possible. 

It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where most people have died from some kind of disease called the red death. The only ones who are left are scavengers like Rin and those living in small communities scattered throughout the land. The manga explores what it means to live when all odds are against you, but also what it means to love someone unconditionally with all your heart. It doesn’t take long to finish and would be a great time investment if you’re looking for something new or just want something lighthearted. 

The art style of the manga is very cute and easy on the eyes as well!

What is Little Lady Mint about?

Little Lady Mint: Is the manga Worth Reading? Recap and Release Date

It’s a story about orphanage whole work with master Yulius. It’s a story about orphanage whole work with master Yulius. He takes care of his children in his own way, but he couldn’t understand them all. These kids have to learn how to survive in this world. They need to know how to find food, they need to know how to fight, and they need to know how not get killed.

Release date

Little Lady Mint was released on 17th November 2022. Little Lady Mint is a manga that has been getting a lot of attention from readers and critics alike. The story centers around a girl who was born with an extra pair of arms on her back. She has to grow up in a society that despises these demon children as they are called, but she refuses to give up hope.

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