Lonely Attack On A Different World Chapter 128: Strongest Assassin! Release Date

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Lonely Attack On A Different World Chapter 128 It’s time for our lonely main character to make his first move in the new world! Can he survive his first step into this dangerous world and achieve his goals, or will he become one of the countless victims that fall along the way? There’s only one way to find out, so make sure you come back on Friday when our lonely main character starts killing some monsters!

The day had finally arrived. Haruka would be leaving for his new home, a small Palace orbiting a red star. he had been preparing for this day for weeks, packing her belongings and saying goodbye to her friends, because his group team planned to defeat Labyrinth.

Summary Plot

It was one day in high school when Haruka and the rest of his friends were summoned to another realm.

It’s easy for Haruka to think that he can just pick up any cheat talent he wants to assist him survive in the new world when God shows up…

However, he was surprised to see that the list of cheat skills wasn’t available to everyone at the same time. As a result, his peers select all of his cheating abilities.

To make matters worse, Haruka’s “loner” skills prevent him from finding anyone to go out with. Even though he’s in a new realm, it appears that his days of adventuring will continue to be a lonesome affair…

Haruka makes a silent promise to help his friends after becoming aware of the approaching danger. You can’t rely on hacks or other methods of cheating! This heretical route to power exceeds the need for them. He will walk this way.

It’s finally time to reveal the otherworld strategy guide of the strongest loner.

Lonely Attack On A Different World Chapter 128: What Will Happen Next?

Lonely Attack On A Different World Chapter 128, This time, Haruka, the strongest assassin, is about to attack. What will happen next? Will Tatsuya and the others be able to win against Haruka? Or is there a traitor among them? Don’t miss the next chapter of Lonely Attack on a Different World coming soon to Manga Stream. You can read Chapter 127 here at Manga Stream.

For a fraction of a second, there was no reply. However, everyone could feel their hearts stop in that moment. The traitor is about to make their move. Haruka has not shown up alone to finish off Tatsuya and co.. There is definitely another person hiding in ambush among them.. All eyes shifted to Kusanagi Shino, who seemed unaffected by all of it.

Previous Chapter Recap

Lonely Attack On A Different World Chapter 128

It’s time for our favorite character to make an appearance again after disappearing on us. He appears along with something unexpected as he continues his training. It seems he will have a fair chance at achieving a high-level limit break after defeating the labyrinth. The chapter was really important to show something surprising and a lot of action. I’m not sure what the surprise is, but it has something to do with assassins. They even mentioned the strongest assassin in the whole country (or world). I can’t wait to find out what it’s all about in the next chapter!

Now, standing on the edge of the portal that would take him to his new home, he felt a mix of excitement and sadness. he was about to embark on a great adventure, but he would be leaving everything and everyone he knew behind.

Lonely Attack On A Different World Chapter 128: Release Date

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 47 was released 3 days ago, but many are anxious about the release date of Lone Attack on a Different World Chapter 12. With only 20 days left until April and millions of fans eagerly waiting, plenty of theories have been bantered about. An official date has been released by one of Lonely Journey’s editors, who stated It will be coming out in March. And just like that, the wait is over! Lonely Attack On A Different World Chapter 128 has officially been confirmed to be released at 10 a.m. PST on March 16th, 2022.

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