Long After the Ending Chapter 18: Elena Taylor’s Romance Story! Release Date and Review

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Long After the Ending Book 17, by Doraer, has been released! In this story, Elena and her family travel to London to bring peace between the Irish and the English, but along the way she meets Connor Byrne. Will he be able to help bring peace to Ireland? Join Elena as she makes new friends and deals with new challenges as they try to figure out their new lives in Ireland and England! Come on an adventure with Elena and her family as they search for their roots and face some of their biggest fears! Read Long After the Ending Chapter 18: Elena Taylor’s Romance Story today! Grab your copy today!

Long after the ending chapter 18

Recap: Elena Taylor, the former villainess of a romance story, has decided to walk away from the main story and open a Romance Counselling business. As an independent woman trying to find her footing in society with her fledgling venture, she is given the hardest request she’s ever encountered: help the sub-lead of the main plot, Hugh Godwin, debut in High-Society and get married, or get kicked out of the building she lives and works out of! Elena soon realizes that she’s in trouble when she meets Hugh, a burly, muscular bear of a knight who’s been burned by love. Will Elena be able to convince Hugh to find romance and keep her business running?

Long After the Ending Chapter 18: What Will Happen Next?

Elena Taylor, formerly the antagonist of a romance novel, has made the decision to leave her successful career as a writer to pursue a more personal passion: true love. After a series of failed relationships, she’s finally found the man of her dreams in Nate Edwards. The only problem is that he’s completely oblivious to her feelings for him. And while they might be spending all their time together, it doesn’t mean anything. Will Nate ever realize his romantic feelings for Elena? And will they ever find their happily-ever-after? Find out next week on Long After the Ending with another chapter of ELENA TAYLOR’S ROMANCE STORY!!!

Previous Chapter Recap

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a romance novel, but I’m glad I picked up Long After the Ending. Chapter 18 was particularly good – it’s the moment when Duke finally stands up to Mama and proves he’s worthy of Elena’s love. He even saves her from being shipwrecked. The story ends with them having their first kiss on the beach at sunset. A perfect ending for this sweet story! I can’t wait to see what Elena writes next. Will she be able to show how their relationship progresses? 

I hope she shares the Duke’s side of things more. We know that he loves Elena very much, but what is going through his head during all these scenes? What are his thoughts about Elena’s writing career? We’ll have to wait and see if Elena updates us again soon. In the meantime, you should go pick up a copy of Long After the Ending if you haven’t already – it’s truly an enchanting read!

Long After the Ending Chapter 18: Release Date

Elena Taylor’s much-anticipated romance story, Long After the Ending, will finally be released on August 19. Readers have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the series, and they will not be disappointed.

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