Lost Princess Chapter 126: season 1 Finale Release Date

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If You are fans of Lost Princess, you may have noticed that the author is working on the season 1 finale more than ever in this blog post we have come to conclusion and the release date for Chapter 126, so keep reading this including a recap and review of previous episodes.

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In summary, For as long as Olga can remember, she’s dreamed of setting sail and chasing down the hidden treasure that her father always told her about. But after her father and older brother go missing at sea, that dream seems like it too will be lost forever. That is, until pirates charge into her quiet English village, turning everything upside down! Now with a rag-tag team of sailors, can Olga finally unravel the mysteries of her family’s disappearance and discover the treasure she always dreamed of? 

Will Olga’s dream come true? Wait for the finale to find out what will happen next.

What Will Know So Far About Season 1 Finale and Review

In a short review and recap of the season 1 finale, if you’re looking for a serious story with a good plot and that everything makes sense, I highly recommend this to you. But if you’ve read everything there is to read and just want something to read, no matter how bad it is, then go ahead and venture into the deep, scary depths of Lost Princess. 

So, the story Be warned. I’ve only read up to chapter 15, but it’s been a hell of a ride already. I’m pretty sure that it’s just that the author doesn’t have much experience, but so many things — too many — happen in one chapter. Hell, each panel could be its own chapter. Also, the romance tag shouldn’t be there if the two main characters get married in the first chapter. (That’s not a spoiler since it’s the first chapter, right?) 

Lost Princess Chapter 126: season 1 Finale Release Date

Next, the art. The only reason I kept going for 15 whole chapters is that the art was pretty damn good. It came to a point where I was just looking at art pieces instead of reading the story (mostly due to how bad the story flow was). Lastly, the characters – sigh- Look, you can’t have characters without a story. Since everything was so random, I just couldn’t understand what was going through the characters’ minds. 

Overall, I just read it because I had nothing else to do, and I actually thought it was going to be good. Oh boy, was I wrong. But if you’re looking for some random stuff put together, I recommend Of course, there are better things out there. 

Lost Princess Chapter 126 Release Date

Lost Princess Chapter 126 has been set to be released on December 11, 2022. The manga is finally on it end for season 1, which means after the finale chapter there would be a conclusion and implications for the next season 2. However, at this point in time, for fans that have not yet read this chapter, you can start reading it all as soon as possible because the team is also working on the anime version.

However, Will Olga’s dream come true? Wait for the finale to find out what will happen next, and for fans who don’t know where to start, You can read it on the official Tappytoon website.

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