Love Colon Episode 1! Recap videos & every detail

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Love colon episode 1, the series focuses on romance and comedy of school head boy, and Tennis female characters called madorikawa.

Here is a quick recap of the story Are you looking for a good love story? If yes, then Love Colon is the perfect choice for you. This series has been created by a famous director who has produced some amazing movies. The main character of this movie is a young female named Kuro who lives in Tokyo. He is very intelligent and handsome. His girlfriend is also beautiful and she loves him a lot. They both live together happily until they get married. One day, kuro chan gets a call from his friend saying that he is going to visit his hometown. When he arrives at home, he finds out that his parents got divorced because of his mother’s affair. After that incident, Ryo decides to leave Japan and go back to his hometown. There, he meets his childhood friends and later start a school life.

Love Colon Episode 1

This video has over 7 million views and counting. This is because of its unique storyline, great acting, and beautiful visuals. If you haven’t watched it already, then you should definitely check out this video.

What is Love Colon anime

Love Colon is a Japanese anime series created by emily. The story revolves around sports girls who fall in love with kuro chan after meeting at a school sports game. The main characters of the story are called madorikawa kun.

Where to watch Love Colon?

love colon episode 1

Where to watch love colon, Hanime is a great place to watch the video. Apart from that, other websites are just alternatives. So we do recommend Hanime or Bili Bili.

Love Colon Release Date?

Love Colon Episode 1 to 2 was released on November 2014 and was uploaded by Queen bee. The story revolves around two young lovers who fall in love at first sight. They meet each other at a party where they both get drunk. After that, they start dating and eventually become a couple.

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