Love on Target: A Must-Read Manga Series, and Details of Every Chapters

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Love on Target is a must-read manga series for someone interesting in a mission, this mission is the perfect opportunity for the assassin to prove his worth to the A.B.S. He must use all of his skills and cunning to get past the bodyguard and complete his mission. However, the assassin soon finds out that the daughter of the richest man in the country is not only beautiful, but also kind and caring. As he gets closer to her, his mission becomes increasingly difficult and he must decide between his loyalty to the A.B.S. and his growing feelings for the girl. Love On Target Manga follows the story of the assassin as he navigates his way through his mission and discovers the power of love.

Love on Target Manhwa Summary

An incompetent assassin from the infamous Assassins Brotherhood Syndicate (A.B.S.) is assigned a mission to kill the daughter of the richest man in the country. He has to infiltrate her school and bypass her bodyguard that graduated from Bodyguard University of Tactical Training (B.U.T.T.) to get a chance to do so, but then he inevitably falls in love with his target…

Love on Target Review

This series reminds me of agents of secret stuff: a teenage boy who’s grown up in a secretive group is given a mission involving a girl, which results in him becoming a student at her school and subsequently falling in love with her (the naming schemes are kind of similar too, like Agents of Secret Stuff was given the acronym A.S.S. while the Assassins Brotherhood Syndicate has the acronym A.B.S.)

Love on Target

Secondary, the Art and story is little bit unique than expected thumbnail. I will definitely update this review once more chapters is released.

Love on Target Characters

Secondary characters are:  Ms Melissa.

But did you know that Rektus and Gloteus Maximilia look like twins? I mean, his father died and her mother was never mentioned; maybe this is like a twitches story like the father was an A.B.S. agent and the mother a B.U.T.T. agent, they fell in love, and they had the twins, but they discovered each other’s secrets, got divorced, and separated the brothers, so they don’t know they have a secret twin. Rek is 16 and Glutius is 17. But it would be funny if they were related.

Where to Read Love on Target Manga?

Manga fans can read the series of webtoons as the story mainly focuses on an assassin named Rektus Dominis who must complete a mission sent from the syndicate to kill Kyria. More details on this manhwa; we’ll update some spoilers and theory soon. 

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