Love Prisoner Lava Volume 1 – 23+

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Love prisoner Lava, A world where people unexpectedly develop different abilities. A crisis prison where those who use their powers to do evil creatures are imprisoned.
Shu-Ono, who works as her sentry there, falls in love with Oni-Lava, the most muscular female prisoner, for some reason!
A jailer and a prisoner, two hachamecha love comedies that should never fall in love, are nearly to begin !!!!

Love Prisoner Lava
Lave and Shu ono

Love Prisoner Lava Release Date

The manga series was announced by popular Japanese Publication Company Shogakukan, on 12 July 2021, which also founded Hakusensha. Love Prisoner Lava was released on 23 December 2021. The manga series consist of volume 1 to 23+.

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Love Prisoner Lava Characters

In the section, we’ll list the main character of love prisoner lava.

Aishuu Lava Character

Aishuu Lava is the main character of Love in Prisoner Manga series. She is the strongest female character who was later jailed because of her criminality.

Shu Ono Character

Shu Ono is a man working as a revisions officer in HQ who later ends up falling in love with Lava.

Founder of Love Prisoner Lava

Love prisoner lava was created and illustrated by Keesuke HORIKAWA. It is a trending manga series and the moment, with 1million active reading.

Where To Watch Love Prisoner Lava

The manga series is available on Urasunday

The free version will be available here soon, so bookmark this page to avoid missing out on the series.

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