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Luffy And Buggy Are The New Emperors

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Luffy And Buggy Are The New Emperors

In an interview with Oda, a man asked Oda who is your favorite character in One Piece. Oda said it, Buggy.. that’s why Buggy is now a yonko..hahaha

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Some of the fans who post this on Facebook react that why did Buggy become an emperor? ? Because he conquered the whole cake island.

  1. One Piece 1053 (1) The Yonko (4 Emperor) system remains as is, with 2 new inductees.
  2.  There’s going to be a big CLOWNERY within the 4 Emperor system.
  3.  The bounties of the 3 Supernova captains are all the same and did not exceed Big Mom’s or Kaido’s 
  4.  Only 1 of the Supernova captains is now officially a yonko. (Hint: the worst gen with a fleet and territory/territories) 
  5. The Shishibukai is now all captured, except for one. They are now considered as a yonko 6) The Wanokuni arc is still at act 3 and not yet wrapped up.


@Azmi Hamed if it was buggy then oda would be one of the most stupid writers I’ve ever seen cause katakuri is a perfect candidate with a high bounty a great power and a fleet.

@Francis Mercado I love buggy but as a Yonko a BIG NO!

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