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Luffy’s Gear 5 Colors have been officially confirmed by One Piece.

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Luffy’s gigantic Gear 5 form has finally been revealed in color thanks to a Twitter account, and it’s awe-inspiring.

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For the first time, One Piece has announced the color of Luffy’s strongest Gear 5 form. It’s common for One Piece fans to not know the precise color of certain things and people until either mangaka Eiichiro Oda makes a statement on it or until it is displayed in the anime. Creative sources, though, can be used by fans anxious to learn more about a character’s color scheme if they’re noteworthy enough to warrant such expectation.

Gear 5 is Luffy’s most powerful form yet, revealed in the manga’s most current arc, Wano Country. Using the Sun God Nika’s spirit and the famous Devil Fruit, he transforms into a whole new character in Gear 5, whose body and surroundings obey the laws of cartoon physics. In fact, it appears as though his hair and eyes have turned into a wispy mane of blazing flames. For as long as this shape has been known, fans have been drawing fan art of it and speculating about its colors. It appears, at this point, that the form’s color scheme has been officially confirmed.
An image of a figurine showing Luffy in his Gear 5 form was recently published by the Twitter account One Piece SPOILER. There’s a Japanese-themed shop in France where this image was shot from. In the figurine, he is depicted as having foggy white hair and blazing red eyes. Unlike previous portrayals of Gear 5 Luffy, this figurine appears to be created by Bandai and is official Shonen Jump goods. It’s wonderful for fans and fan artists alike if this is accurate, as these colors symbolize Luffy’s Gear 5 form’s official coloring, which is exciting for both.

One Piece has a slew of notable characters with fiery red eyes. When in Sulong form, the minks have vivid red eyes, which are activated by the full moon. As does the enigmatic Im, who occupies the throne of oblivion at the heart of the World Government. Luffy’s red eyes in Gear 5 may possibly indicate that Nika and his Devil Fruit are also linked to the mysterious Void Century and the most critical secrets of One Piece’s world. However, his white hair does help to clarify Luffy’s hair’s confusing nature in the manga, making it more smoke-like than fire-like.
Colors may not seem like a huge issue, but many One Piece fans are pleased about this revelation, both for the significance of the colors and because it provides them a better picture of one of the series’ most essential characters. A testament to the fervor of One Piece fans is the discovery of this official coloring on a long-lost piece of Luffy Gear 5.

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