Martial Master Wakes Up as a Concubine: A Must-Read Manga Series

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A Master, Who Woke up as a Concubine is a captivating manga series that tells the story of Cheon Nyeon-bi, the strongest individual in the martial arts community. After being betrayed by her lover and meeting a tragic death, she unexpectedly awakens in the body of a concubine. This intriguing series combines elements of drama, fantasy, historical settings, and romance, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.

Plot Summary

Once a notorious master of the deviant sects, Nyeonbi Cheon pays a hefty price for her romance with a man of a virtuous sect, Won Gae of the True-spirited Sword. As her lover poisons her to death with a dragonsbane fruit, Nyeonbi perishes with more questions than answers. When she wakes up, however, she finds herself in a different sort of peril, as she reincarnates in the body of Noble Lady Soyeo Cheon, a concubine of the imperial palace. As Soyeo, Nyeonbi must rely on her knowledge from her past life to navigate both intrigue and romance in the palace!

The story follows Cheon Nyeon-bi, the strongest person in the martial arts community, who is betrayed by her lover and meets a tragic death. However, she soon wakes up in the body of a concubine, initially confused about her new life. As she adjusts to her new reality, she decides to embrace her new life and live comfortably as a concubine within the palace walls.

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Her peaceful existence takes an unexpected turn when she is summoned to the emperor’s room to fulfill her duties. With boldness and curiosity, she poses a daring question to the emperor, igniting a new chapter in her life. As an ex-mum master adapting to life as a concubine, Cheon Nyeon-bi’s journey is anything but tranquil.

Martial Master Wakes Up as a Concubine: A Must-Read Manga Series

Character Development

The series features a strong and relatable protagonist in Cheon Nyeon-bi. Her journey as a concubine is filled with challenges, intrigue, and unexpected twists. As she navigates her new life, she must learn to adapt to the political intrigue and power struggles within the palace.

Artwork and Storytelling

“A Master, Who Woke up as a Concubine” boasts masterful storytelling by author Koh Yanghui and visually stunning artwork by LICO. The series seamlessly blends elements of drama, fantasy, historical backgrounds, and romance to create a compelling narrative that keeps readers hooked.


“A Master, Who Woke up as a Concubine” is a thrilling manga series that combines drama, fantasy, historical elements, and romance. With a strong and relatable protagonist and a captivating plot, this series is sure to keep readers engaged from start to finish. If you’re a fan of the genre, don’t miss out on this exciting and unique read.

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