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20 Mature Manga That Will Make You a Better Reader

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Are you tired of reading dull manga that never seems to grab your attention? There is plenty of great mature manga out there, and once you start reading them, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner! This list contains eight mature manga that will make you a better reader of manga—and make sure you’re ready to read the top 20 (and maybe even the top 100!) mature manga of all time.

Manga books are a great way to improve your reading skills. Not only are they entertaining, but they can also help you learn new vocabulary and improve your understanding of complex stories.

  1. Solar Eclipse
  2. The Blade and Flower
  3. Irreversible
  4. Aesthetic Predator
  5. Talk To Me Tenderly
  6. Is There No Goddess in My College
  7. Private Tutoring in These Trying Times
  8. Secret Seductress
  9. Trigger
  10. Checkmate
  11. Love is an Illusion! – The Queen
  12. Stage of The Dark Souls
  13. Haunted by Desire
  14. Panty Note
  15. Steady Love
  16. Polar Attraction
  17. My Sister’s Friends
  19. Destructive Desires
  20. Will You Subscribe

Below we have listed 20 manga books that are perfect for readers who want to improve their skills. Each of these books is mature, complex and full of interesting characters and storylines.

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Solar Eclipse

In anticipation of the upcoming solar eclipse, many people are buying special glasses to watch the event. However, there are some people who are choosing to read manga about solar eclipses instead. Referred to as “eclipse mangas”, these stories explore the myths and legends surrounding solar eclipses. Some of the most popular eclipse mangas include Love jinx and Naruto.

The Blade and Flower

This wuxia manga series is set in ancient China, following Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, two of China’s most legendary warriors. However, in spite of their renown, their lives are equally unremarkable—until they meet their new lord, Liu Bei. Thanks to his charisma and faith in them, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will begin living lives they never knew possible: filled with romance and adventure.


For all intents and purposes, there is no turning back from finishing Monster. It is over 700 pages of brutal, graphic violence in its most vile form – one man versus an entire society. The unnamed hero if you can call him that, commits crimes against all civilized people, yet you cannot help but root for him to pull it off. Despite being physically and mentally scarred, he always finds away to overcome his adversaries by way of wit or brute force.

Aesthetic Predator

Known for its intense artwork and morally-questionable situations, Aesthetic Predator is one of those mangas you want to read if you’re looking for something more than just fluff. Aesthetic Predator deals with themes of betrayal, redemption, art, relationships, and s3x. Despite how mature it sounds, it’s actually written for adults in mind (not for children) because of the way it handles its content; personally my favourite manga of all time.

Talk To Me Tenderly

Trying to write mature manga can be tough. What makes it even harder is that reading mature manga is often different from reading traditional stories. Aspiring creators can improve their craft by checking out these mature manga, which will help them learn what defines a more mature audience. By reading these twenty manga, readers can learn how to create truly diverse characters, along with some serious themes and dark storylines—but also plenty of humour and lightheartedness.

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Is There No Goddess in My College

Get off to a quick start by using your first chapter to re-introduce the characters and setting. We do not recommend starting with exposition or lengthy infodumps. All too often, new authors will spend an entire chapter (or more) explaining what their world is like, how magic works, etc. While that may be fine for epic fantasy, it’s not necessary for lighter genres like romance or young adult.

Private Tutoring in These Trying Times

Even if you’re one of those people who love school (we won’t ask why), it can still be pretty tiring. Even if you love your classes, there are deadlines, readings, assignments and quizzes. And then there are extracurriculars—extra-credit opportunities or chances to explore new passions. And then there’s homework!

Once, It Was Love

A struggling romance mangaka, who still can’t forget her ex-boyfriend and editor. A model that’s popular with girls but also hates them. So far, it sounds like any other manga, right? But here’s where things start to get interesting: both men cross-dress as women! In fact, they work together at a maid cafe. There are some really funny moments in Once, It Was Love, but there are also some very touching ones too. The art is great (and you can tell from looking at the cover), and even though it only ran for two volumes in Japan before being cancelled due to low sales numbers, I think it’s worth reading if you want something different than your usual shoujo fare.

Lies Become You

Lies Become You is a manga that tells the story of a high school girl who is constantly bullied. After her mother dies, she moves to a new town and starts over, but the bullies from her old school find her and continue to torment her. One day, she meets a boy who tells her that it’s better to tell a lie and have people believe it than to tell the truth and have no one believe her. This gives her the strength to stand up to her bullies and eventually leads to them being arrested.

Secret Seductress

With its mature content, Etorouji Shiono’s Seitokai Yakuindomo is not for everyone. But, if you can stomach all of that sexual humour, there are many elements of this manga to like. The series follows students at Otogi Academy as they try and protect their student council president from an ongoing assassination plot by one very perverted stalker! This manga has its serious moments, but it still never takes itself too seriously.

The best mature manga to Read are Steady Love and Survival Marriage.

Where to Read Mature Manga?

mature manga

There are a lot of great sites out there for reading manga, but not all of them are appropriate for mature audiences. If you’re looking for something with a little more edge, then these are a few great options to check out.

Mangaowl- This site is one of the most popular for reading manga online. They have a wide selection of titles, and the pages are updated regularly.

Mangago This site is also very popular, and they have a large selection of titles that are updated frequently. They also have an alternatives available to check out.

what is the difference between adult and mature manga?

The answer, they are no different. But Adult manga is a genre of manga that is intended for adults. This type of manga typically contains more explicit content than other genres and may include violence, nudity, and sexual content. Mature manga, on the other hand, is a term used to refer to manga that is intended for older readers. This type of manga may contain violence, nudity, and sexual content, but it is typically less explicit than the adult manga.


There is much mature manga that contains some of the best stories ever told. There is no age limit for reading manga, so no matter your age, you should be able to find some titles that interest you and make you think about life. Some mature themes may not be appropriate for younger audiences, but if there is an interesting story with complex characters and situations, then it’s worth it to read despite what other people might say about it.

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