Miscreants and Mayhem: What Will You Know? Should You Read Manga?

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Good morning and welcome to the StiG manga update. Today we get you some new details about a popular manga series called Miscreants and Mayhem. Read on if you want to know more because we have included a short review and where to read the series.

Should You Read Manga? If you like psycho-yandere Male Lead with a big age difference, this manhwa is for you. I am in love with Pilgyun (?) so much. He is so frekin hot, plus I usually go for red flags, so he is totally my style. Art is of course amazing, because, c’mon, it’s from brothers without tomorrow; you don’t even need to double-think about it. Characters are very likable. We have the black-haired yellow dragon at the bottom, who deserves the world, I swear, and an ultimately hot top who is much younger than our bottom and a crazy ass Yandere. The story is about gangs and mafia (one of my favorite settings in Yao’s because of Ahjuicy, of course), and our MLs have an interesting relationship. And finally, smut is just a chef’s kiss.

Miscreants and Mayhem Manhwa Summary

Miscreants and Mayhem: What Will You Know? Should You Read Manga?

“I missed you, Dad. Did you miss me too?”
Gang member Ryu Nanmu may be one of the top dogs in his “organization,” but in life he’s hit rock bottom. He dreamed of building a family once, with his boss’ mistress and her son Pil-gyun, but he’s had to pay dearly for coveting something that could never be his. After several long years, the hope for a family had become barely anything more than a nostalgic memory for Nanmu…until a grown-up Pil-gyun dramatically reappears in Nanmu’s life. Except, this isn’t the child that Nanmu remembers. Pil-gyun is calculated, deadly, and obsessively in love with him. Although Nanmu knows he should put an end to this futile relationship, Pil-gyun’s tender words of love can’t help but tug at his heartstrings…

Miscreants and Mayhem Characters

In this blog section, I will focus on the main character. Only Ryu Nanmu is the main character of the Miscreants and Mayhem manga series; more secondary characters will be added soon.

Where to Read Miscreants and Mayhem

For fans and non-fans, you can read the series on Lezhinus because that is the right way to support your favorite author. On Lezhin, there are free coins for new releases and more.

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