My High School Bully Manga | Full Chapter Recap, Every Detail And Release Date

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My High School Bully: The series revolves around the four baddest students, namely Yure Lee, Kylie Jung, Sue Chae  and Davel Jo, who are the main students of the story and also the main characters of the MHSB series. Underling Davel ends up misbehaving and picking a random girl, so in this article you will see the recaps of all the chapters. Everything you need to know for some reason, so keep reading this post to learn more about the series. If you want to read the series, be sure to read this post.

Davel Jo and yure lee of my high school bully

The series is a time line of a message to high school boys and girls, however. The dirty secret about bullying is that it can happen to anyone. I’d bet that most kids face bullying at some point. Many kids participate in bullying because they are afraid of becoming a victim themselves. 

My High School Bully all released chapters recap

Davel Jo was that senior student in my freshman year that went out of his way to ruin my day. At least once a week, I could count on him doing something stupid like stealing pencils and/or notebooks, destroying text books, or punching me. Robert had a major hemorrhoid. Besides, when he wasn’t doing that stuff, he was always rude. And on top of that, Davel was older and better at everything. He was better looking, better at sports, better at academics, and a better dancer. He always dated the hot girls.

About two years after Yure Lee had graduated from high school, Lee just so happened to pick up a newspaper lying on the table in the break room at my job. I leafed through the pages, skimming the articles, when I saw one that read, “Car crash kills 19-year-old local man.”

It was Davel.

Yure Lee learned later from one of Davel’s former classmates that was a paramedic on the scene that he was in the backseat not wearing a seatbelt. Everyone in the car was very intoxicated. It was the middle of the night, pouring rain, and the drunk driver missed a stop sign. He drove across a busy highway and crashed into a storm water runoff ditch that’s about five meters deep. The paramedic told me the water was about knee deep. The car went nose-first into the ditch, and then rolled over on its top. On the initial impact, Davel’s head hit the rear of the front seat, which probably knocked him unconscious.

The driver and passenger in the front seat wore their seatbelts. They unfastened, dropped, and crawled through their open side windows into the mucky water.

Too drunk or too dazed, they never checked to see if Robert was still in the backseat.

A student who saw the wreck stopped, climbed down into the ditch, and assisted them. The good Samaritans said that the two guys never mentioned anyone else being in the car.

My High School Bully Characters 

The main character is Davel Jo, a student with an adult mind who loves women when his eyes see any.

My High School Bully Chapter 1 – 95 | Released Date

The first chapter of the manga series was released on November 28, 2020. The latest chapter, 95, was released this year on September 3rd, 2022, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter release date, which will be on September 10th, 2020.

My High School Bully manga

Where can I Read My High School Bully?

I would recommend fans read the series on TOOMICS OFFICIAL to support the author and his teams. If you’re broke or want to read it somewhere else, you can try Mangago. I hope this solves the question Remember to check overflow and excuse me, this is my room.

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