My Lovely Bodyguard stopped updating on Webtoon, and fans kept waiting for chapter 8

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Daisy penned the story for the romantic webtoon titled My Lovely Bodyguard, while Nata was responsible for the comic’s illustrations. The plot centers on a young woman named Sarah, who is French-Korean and lives in South Korea. During a flight back to Seoul, an enthusiastic fan attempts to assault K-Pop singer Jaemin, but Sarah intervenes and protects Jaemin from the fan’s assault. As a result of her intervention, she is given the role of Jaemin’s personal bodyguard, during which time she discovers numerous dark family secrets. The webcomic is continuing, and new pages are added once a week on Mondays.

There is no proof that My Lovely Bodyguard was ever published on Webtoon, which is relevant to the question of whether or not the updates have halted for the series on that platform. However, it can be read by fans on other websites, such as Mangakakalot, which is one of the platforms on which it is now available. In addition, the manga can be read on various websites, such as Mangagg, ManhuaScan, and MangaBuddy.

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In conclusion, My Lovely Bodyguard is a romantic webtoon that is still active and is updated every Monday. Even if it is not available on Webtoon, you can still read it on other platforms such as Mangakakalot, Mangagg, ManhuaScan, and MangaBuddy.

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