My Royal Awakening Season 2 or Chapter 85 Release Date

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My Royal Awakening It’s a really well-written manhwa. The story is based on a tyrant ruler in Korean history, where the main character gets reincarnated as his brother. The characters are good too, and they grow as you go on. The art reminds me of moonlight sculpture and its refreshing nature. Once you get the preface of the historical aspects, you will enjoy it. But now the question is: will there be another season 2 or Chapter 85? Read on to find out, as we have covered everything in this blog post.

What Will Know So Far

This series is one of a kind. Normally, when an MC is reincarnated or time travels, all they do is become powerful by using modern knowledge to advance the current society.

My Royal Awakening,what we know so far

However, this series fuses Korean history and the progress of that society, with both in moderation and at the same time complementing each other. The “villains” and “heroes” in this story are clearly defined, and their backstories are given extensive work and detail. This series thoroughly explains not only how the villains and heroes carry out their actions, but why they do so.

This story currently has many ups and downs throughout the series, but it all provides further growth to the characters and advances the story to a new level. Some of the characters are even more relatable than others, and having that connection makes for a very nice author-reader relationship.


The art style is truly fascinating, and I really like it. It really complements and adds to the “historical feel,” if you can call it that. The paneling is neatly placed and organized, as are the frames focusing on each character, which is truly amazing.


The characters are all unique due to the historical element in this series. They all have situations that grow their characters, and the personalities and backstories of the characters are all extensively explored throughout the series.


Overall, I really like this series, as it is a unique, one-of-a-kind read. The art style and the characters all progress and advance the story to new heights, and they can really show emotion within the story. It is not an exaggeration to call this series a masterpiece, with its story, art, and characters all deserving praise.

My Royal Awakening

If you liked this, you will probably like “The Ambition of Oda Nobuna,” which has the same themes except is historically Japanese-centered and has some mature scenes.

Will There be a season 2 or Chapter 85?

Unfortunately, My Royal Awakening has come to an end. The series has concluded with Chapter 83, and there will not be any more chapters or seasons released. The story has been brought to its conclusion, and fans of the series will have to enjoy the finale as the last episode. However, the journey of the characters and the lessons they have learned will remain with us forever.

My Royal Awakening Season 2 or Chapter 85 Release Date

The author is working on a side story, so there is no further release date for season 2 or Chapter 85 at the moment. The art is great, and the storytelling is good; I have no complaints. It’s just that the story is a repeat. He does something dumb or someone is bullying some others, and then he comes to save the poor or whatever and then invents something. And there you have it. I’d say it’s a good read, but not among the best.

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