Mythic Item Obtained Chapter 16: the main Recap and Release Date

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Chapter 16 of Mythic Item Obtained has been released, (but will be available on 17/11/22 in webtoon) and it was just as interesting as Chapter 15! The adventurers discover that their long-lost friend Jaehyeon has been brainwashed by an evil cult, the Cult of Necromancy, into doing their evil bidding! They are sent on a quest to face not only the demon spirit of Darthrum (who possesses the body of Jaehyeon) but also the evil dragon known as Tiamat! Will they be able to overcome this trial, or will they fall in battle?

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in summary, In a world where technology and magic are almost indistinguishable from one another, monsters and creatures of myth and legend reign terror upon mankind. In humanity’s darkest moment, individuals with special god-like powers emerge to save the day. They are — the Awakened. Meet Jaehyeon, a feeble Awakened human Raider, who struggles to make ends meet until one day a series of confounding events allow him to claim a powerful item that will change the course of history forever…

This chapter was pretty cool and showed that this brawler past will start to show up more.

What to expect in the new chapter

This New chapter might be fantastic. The recap of what happened in the last few chapters is like a summary in a book you are reading. It helps to know what has happened so far before you read on. I am excited for this chapter because there will be more information about the story, characters, and world of Mythic Items Obtained. The release date for this chapter is November 17th! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out! You can also follow my blog’s social media links down below StiG.

Mythic Item Obtained

A release date announcement can make or break someone’s day, especially when they are anxiously awaiting the next chapter from their favorite author! In preparation for his newest installment, I Dreamed of Jaehyeon Chasing but Got Gobbled Instead Book IV-VI, Jung SeonYul Morris makes the following announcement: It is my absolute pleasure to announce that we have finalized our release date of 17/11/2022.

Mythic Item Obtained Release Date

This is a recap of the content in Chapter 16. It will be released on 17th November. The release date is on 17th November. Those witness are going to start the mage wave. This random back alley brawl will be the beginning of the shift in public perspective from brawlers being the best to mages being the best.

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