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New Visual for CloverWorks’ Animated Series Bocchi the Rock; October 2022 Release Date

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The official Twitter account for the anime series Bocchi The Rock has uploaded a character image including all four major characters, as well as the premiere date of October 2022. Studio CloverWorks is in charge of production, and they have already unveiled character designs for Hitori Goto, Nijika Ijichi, Ryo Yamada, and Ikuyo Kita. The revised visual is displayed beneath.

CloverWorks’ Bocchi

Yoshino Aoyama provides the voice for Hitori, Sayumi Suzushiro provides the voice for Nijika, and Saku Mizuno provides the voice for Ryo. Keiichiro Saitou is the director of the Bocchi the Rock anime, Erika Yoshida is in charge of the series’ composition and storyline, and Kerorira is the character designer.

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Aki Hamaji began drawing and writing the original 4-panel manga in 2018. Gotou Hitori is a high school student who began studying to play the guitar because she wants to be in a band, but she is so shy that she has not made a single friend. However, her desire may become a reality once she meets Ijichi Nijika, a drummer seeking a new guitarist for her band. (Anime-Planet)

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