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Nigeria on Fire, Price of things increase after Bola Tinubu was called

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Nigeria is currently in a state of unrest as the price of goods and services have skyrocketed after President Bola Tinubu announced the scrapping of a decades-long government-funded subsidy that has helped reduce the price of gasoline. This decision has led to long lines at fuel stations as drivers scramble to stock up before costs rise.

The situation has been further exacerbated by the fact that Tinubu’s announcement came at a time when the country is already grappling with inflation and a cash crisis.

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Tinubu, who won the recent presidential election, campaigned on the slogan “it’s my turn” and has promised to stabilize the economy, fight corruption, and guarantee the security of 220 million Nigerians. However, his decision to scrap the subsidy has been met with widespread criticism and has led to protests across the country.The situation has been particularly difficult for ordinary Nigerians who are struggling to make ends meet.

The price of food, transportation, and other basic necessities has gone up, making life even more difficult for those who are already struggling to survive.The decision to scrap the subsidy has also raised questions about Tinubu’s ability to govern effectively. Some have criticized his choice of a fellow Muslim as vice-president, which is likely to increase ethnic and religious tensions in the north-central zone. Others have raised concerns about allegations of discrimination against Igbos in Lagos, which could spur Biafra-related activism and violence in the south-east.

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Despite these challenges, Tinubu remains optimistic about his ability to turn things around. He has pledged to negotiate with Indigenous People of Biafra and is hoping to follow in the footsteps of fellow accountant-president Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia in stabilizing the economy of Africa’s biggest oil exporter.

As the situation in Nigeria continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Tinubu will navigate these challenges and whether he will be able to deliver on his promises to the Nigerian people.

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