Nightmare x Deathscythe Anime Episodes 1–5: Read and Watch Now

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Nightmare x Deathscythe is a captivating anime series that combines elements of fantasy and eroticism. Based on the original work of the Guilty Nightmare Project, the series takes viewers on an extraordinary journey into a world filled with intrigue and desire. The story revolves around Rinne Natsume, a seemingly ordinary high school girl who discovers her darkest secret and the power of the “God of Death” within her.

Plot Overview

A few months ago, Rinne was attacked by a satanic cult and lost her father. At that moment, the power of the “God of Death” within her awakened, and she sought immediate revenge against her attackers. The story takes place in a school where a group of small villains run rampant, and Rinne must navigate her way through this world, witnessing her transformation from a captive to a woman who controls the desires of others.

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Episodes 1-5

Episode 1

In the first episode, Rinne discovers her hidden power and seeks revenge against the satanic cult that attacked her and her father. She is then captured by the cult and taken to a remote island where a demonic cult’s branch is hiding. Rinne is unable to use her power on the island due to a barrier created by a magician.

Episode 2

As Rinne tries to escape her captors, wandering exorcists Shindo Setsuna and Yuuka appear to help her. Despite their best efforts, they are surrounded by a large number of cultists, and the sacred mating ritual between the Devil and Death is about to begin.

Nightmare x Deathscythe Anime Episodes 1–5: Read and Watch Now

Episode 3

In the third episode, Rinne, Setsuna, and Yuuka continue to fight against the cult members, but their situation becomes increasingly desperate. The trio must find a way to break the barrier surrounding the island and escape the clutches of the cult.

Episode 4

The fourth episode sees Rinne, Setsuna, and Yuuka uncovering more secrets about the cult and its leader, Akuto. They learn about the true nature of the ritual and the dark intentions behind it, which only strengthens their resolve to put an end to the cult’s activities.

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Episode 5

In the final episode of the first arc, Rinne, Setsuna, and Yuuka face a climactic battle against Akuto and his followers. With their newfound knowledge and determination, the trio must work together to defeat the cult and free Rinne from her captors.

Nightmare x Deathscythe Anime Episodes 1–5: Read and Watch Now

People Also Ask

Q: What is the source material for Nightmare x Deathscythe?

A: The anime is based on a visual novel of the same name by Guilty Studio.

Q: Who are the main characters in Nightmare x Deathscythe?

A: The main characters are Rinne Natsume, Shindo Setsuna, and Yuuka Shindou.

Q: What genre is Nightmare x Deathscythe?

A: The anime falls under the hentai genre, with elements of fantasy and eroticism.


Nightmare x Deathscythe is an engaging anime series that combines fantasy and eroticism in a captivating story. The series follows Rinne Natsume as she discovers her hidden power and fights against a satanic cult that has taken her captive. With the help of wandering exorcists Shindo Setsuna and Yuuka, Rinne must navigate a world filled with intrigue and desire, ultimately facing a climactic battle against the cult’s leader. The series is a must-watch for fans of the genre, offering a unique blend of action, suspense, and eroticism.

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