No Moral: Is the manga or novel worth reading? Review and More

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We have received several questions related to the popular series “No Moral,” and the question is: is it worth reading? This question caught my attention, so I decided to write and enlighten my audience about the series. This review and recap is based on feedback we received from active readers of the series. In return, most of the viewers rate the series five stars, which makes me recommend the series to you right now.

As the summary begins, Do Yoonshin is an attorney who always fights for the weak, justice being his middle name. One day, his only family and significantly older sister Ikyung persuades him to join Doguk, one of the nation’s largest law firms, reasoning that such experience would help his career in the long run. Though Yoonshin feels uneasy about landing a job through a personal connection, he eventually decides to take his sister’s advice. Soon he winds up working as an associate under Kang Sehun, a noted partner of Doguk. Sehun is an opportunist who doesn’t hesitate to trade under the table and resort to shortcuts. The two men sense that they aren’t compatible at first glance. Unfortunately, they have no other option but to cope with the given situation. Will they find a way to work with each other despite being polar opposites?

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No moral review

He was arrogant, avaricious, and heartless. If it had even a semblance of legality, he would have happily traded under the table with anyone. Sometimes, he betrayed his professionalism and resorted to shortcuts. A solid 4.5, but I am rounding it to 5 because I definitely have to give extra love to a book about lawyers, that particular breed, and about how extremely sexy it is when characters with quite questionable standards and morals bicker in the most intelligent manner, unwilling to let the other have the last word in an argument because they know best. Yes, I am talking about you, Senior Attorney Sehun Kang.

Sehun Kang is a smartass; he knows it; he has the brain and skills to back up his attitude; and he won’t hesitate a nanosecond to make you feel like you need to bow to him for the magnanimous act of giving you a fraction of his very expensive time to put you in your place. Yeah, he had me the moment they described him ridiculing another attorney in his impeccable three-piece suit.

And then we have Yoonshin Do, who is altruism and idealism condensed into one person. Someone who has better judgement than to make friends with Senior Attorney Kang willingly

The SL tension that arises from their clashing points of view is splendid. None of them is absolutely wrong. Neither of them is willing to cave. And this is exactly what makes the experience of reading No Moral absolutely delightful.

Sehun’s life always adhered to a logical structure. Nothing bypassed it. From a young age, he had nothing to his name, so he had to teach himself how to survive on society’s battlefield. Once he tasted a proper victory for the first time, it felt so thrilling that he studied all the ways he could win and tenaciously clawed his way to his current position. Everything he did had a start, an end, a cause, and a result. Every time Yoonshin was involved, however, Sehun felt his logical structure blur. Just my cup of tea, and to summarize everything, big kudos to the translation team, because as someone who is quite familiar with the legal environment, it was surprisingly gratifying to read how well the translation of the legal terminology was done.

No Moral: Is the manga or novel worth reading?

No Moral: Is the manga or novel worth reading? Review and More

Definitely Yes, the series is worth reading. No Moral author first published the novel version on Tappytoon. After several releases, the full manga, which is also called a comic, is now available on Webtoon. Furthermore, I enjoyed the book and how everything is being laid out so far. I can’t wait to see what Sehun’s next move will be when it comes to Yoonshin. Looking forward to Volume 2 being published in English.

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