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Not So Shoujo Love Story Season 2: Is Hansum Going to Appear In Chapter 63? Release date

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Not So Shoujo Love Story Season 2 Episode 62 was an unexpected turn of events, and now, the most anticipated question of all, when the next episode will be released, has been answered. However, the season 1 finale did not stop there, and according to rumors, Not So Shoujo Love Story Season 2 may be coming out in 2022! That’s even before the second season finishes airing! But does this information actually make sense? Are we really going to get another season so quickly? Let’s talk about it!

Not So Shoujo Love Story Season 2: Is Hansum Going to Appear In Chapter 63? Release date

Recap: Romance-super-fan Hansum Ochinchin, the most attractive boy at school, will be Rei Chan’s first lover when she is finally ready for one, and she already has a good idea of who he is. But all of her carefully laid preparations for the ideal love story are wrecked when the most popular girl in the class announces that she is going to compete with Rei….for her heart?! This is the year that her love story doesn’t quite follow the shoujo formula!

Not So Shoujo Love Story Season 2 of Chapter 63 What Will Happen next?

Is Hansum Going to Appear In Chapter 63? once it is released? As for what happens next, the wait is killing us! We’ll find out soon enough. 

I’m not going to lie: I’m thoroughly impressed with Rei’s character development this season. She’s matured so much within the short time that she’s known Hanna. It’s inspiring, really, for the main time, we have to wait to see if Hansum is going to appear in Chapter 63.

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Not So Shoujo Love Story Season 2 of Chapter 63 Release date

Not So Shoujo Love Story Chapter 62 is the last chapter in this season. We have been waiting for a long time and it has not come out yet. The manga author, Kunihiko Curryuku, has not updated us about when Not So Shoujo Love Story Chapter 63 will be released. It will come out in or before the end of 2022 though.

Previous Chapter Recap and Review for season 1

I absolutely understand why it’s important for Rei to take some time to figure out how she feels before initiating a kiss. She has just started having friends, but she doesn’t even understand platonic relationships. Despite the fact that I really wanted Rei to start dating and kissing someone, I realize that it is much more beneficial for her to experience each step individually as she learns about connections. And the overwhelming impression of seeing only heterosexual couples around you is enhanced by seeing the blue and pink? It’s been a long time since I was in high school, but the way I felt back then is something I’ll never forget.

Season 1 Review begin: First of all, I really recommend that you go read it since I am certain that my review will not do it credit. This is the kind of love story you should get invested in if that’s what you’re looking for. This is also it if you’re looking for a fluffy comedy with no romantic undertones at all. If you simply want unconventional designs for your characters, this might be the option for you. If you are looking for something that represents a moment in time, this might be it. Even if you want LGBTQ+ representation and the struggles we go through in school to be taken seriously, this is it. This is also the case if you want this. I have no idea how the author manages to cover all of that material without making it overly serious or showing disrespect for queer experiences, but it’s done and it’s amazing.

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Consider every work of shoujo fiction you’ve ever read before. Forget about it, because that isn’t what this is. This is the piece of non-shoujo shoujo literature that will challenge your understanding of the genre more than any other. The most appealing aspect of this world is its absurd sense of humor, in which there is no such thing as breaking the rules because there are none to begin with. It’s incredible that the writer has the ability to turn the entire setting of the story into a joke in and of itself. I adore how our own character designs can be used here and how convenient it is. The second most important thing is that it features one of the most adorable couples that I’ve ever seen in a GL story or any romance story for that matter.

Attention: They are not the typical dark-haired, tall, skinny, horny, protective, has a lot of brothers, totally not an anime guy girl who is paired with a sad backstory, light-haired, big-eyed, short, modest, vain, good-at-cooking girl. You have a perfect understanding of what I’m referring to. It’s really a nice pick-me-up!

Not So Shoujo Love Story Season 2: Is Hansum Going to Appear In Chapter 63? Release date

I absolutely enjoy how the relationships between all of the characters are built, as well as how there is very little seriousness in this story. And if you’ve spent even a little bit of time looking at anime or manga, you’ll see that the backdrop is filled with thousands of references that demonstrate the level of commitment the author had to this canvas.

Where to Read Not So Shoujo Love Story

Fans can read the manga series on webtoon, a popular Korean comic app. They can also read it on the official website and in English on LINE Webtoon. Shoujo story  is about a tsundere bad girl Rei who has the most beautiful blond girl Hanna fallen for her freiend.

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