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Obey Me Anime Episode 1

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Obey Me Anime Episode 1, Leader is the first episode of Oboy me series. The animation was first published by NTT Solmare and Initial release date: 12 December 2019.

Obey Me Anime Episode 1

What is obey me anime about?

The fact that they were chosen at random by Lucifer to be a part of the exchange program at RAD serves as the bulk of MC’s backstory, which is left mostly unexplored. They appeared at the Devildom’s student council hall, apparently unaware that they had been selected.

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There are no genetic links between MC and any of the seven brothers, even though Lilith is eventually proven to be their long-lost ancestor. To begin with, none of the brothers are related by blood because they were all formed, not born, as angels. To the brothers, their relationship with one another is limited to being that of brothers. This is also why, despite the fact that he was created, Satan is regarded as one of the seven “brothers.”

is obey me an anime?

Yes, obey me is an anime created by Kobayashi and shown from July 16 to December 24 of the same year.

Where Can I watch Cbey Me Anime?

the anime series is available at the official to Obey me on youtube.

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