On the Emperor’s Lap Season 2: Will There Be A Chapter 107? Recap and Where to Read

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On the Emperor’s Lap Season 2 or Chapter 107: Fans who finished reading this amazing manga series were worried and kept asking if there would be another season 2 or an extra chapter 107 to the series. When one of our visitors asked this question, I decided to cover everything, including a recap of the previous chapter and what the author tells us about his Manga series.

On the Emperor's Lap Season 2: Will There Be A Chapter 107? Recap and Where to Read

The story summary, Little Bella, a war orphan who depended on others for her own existence at one point, develops an abandonment wound as she gets older. She is the unseen, the unheard, and a war slave; her life has no meaning because of these circumstances. Bella, a girl who Kiris had previously abandoned and forgotten about, is embraced by Kiris. It’s possible that by the time he discovered her again, it was too late. Will she be able to get over the pains of the past and believe in love again, even though the harm has been done?

In my personal opinion, I believe this has the potential to be a great story. The plot is interesting, I enjoy the art, and the characters are well-developed.

On the Emperor’s Lap: Will There Be a Season 2 or Chapter 107?

The series was released in 2019 and ended in 2022 but the question is, Will There Be a Season 2 or Chapter 107? There is definitely no official announcement related to this manga series. However, the short answer to the question is that maybe there will be a season 2 because the author itself has been scheduled to release a new manga series. The name is unknown for now, but we’ll update you guys once it’s ready to be released.

On the Emperor Lap Recap and Review

Alright. This is my first review to be made public. Unfortunately, it’s not because I adored this manga and wanted everyone to know about it. Actually, it is because it is the worst. Before you judge me, let me rewind. This review contains potential spoilers and potential triggers.

Characters: Initially, I really like a few of these characters. Characters such as Bella, both Reds, and even Eden. This is owing to Bella’s intriguing nature and also makes sense given the circumstances she has been facing. She is slowly recovering from injuries. Eden is kind and really fond of Bella. Red 1 killed to safeguard Bella Actually, only one character, Emperor Kiris (Chris), is responsible for this category’s decline. He is the very worst candidate for ML. He is abusive and has committed numerous offenses for which “forgive and forget” was never an option. But I’ll elaborate on it in a moment. Note that I believe Kiris is a terrific adversary and that the plot would benefit greatly if tweaks were made to make it clear that he was not the male lead.

On the Emperor's Lap Season 2: Will There Be A Chapter 107? Recap and Where to Read

Story begins with Bella, the heroine, reuniting with Kiris (or Chris) for the first time since he sold her for a castle (HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD; Possible Trigger Warning). What a gentleman, right? Not to mention that, in order to protect Bella, he kills someone because he didn’t like her response. Oh, and let’s definitely discuss how one of Bella’s maids accidentally offers Kiris flowers. Bella, unaware that Kiri is in the room, inquires about this and is forced to explain that she did it on purpose so Kiri would not kill her maid. After that, he actually repes her under the pretext that it was because she sent him flowers with the message “my love is bigger than yours” or anything similar. Don’t believe me? Proceed to Chapter 16 She expressly rejects him, yet he persists. I understand that she was previously a slave and was essentially forced into prostitution, but she was told she was no longer a slave. Without a doubt, I enjoy this manga. I wish the message was less “forget your abuse” and more “forgive them to liberate yourself.” Literally, the manga contains a character who is EXCELLENT, who would make an excellent ML, and who canonically likes her. I will emphasize that Bella’s decision to return to Kiris makes sense since those who are mistreated are more likely to continue to be abused and to remain in abusive settings because that is what they know. But it was not depicted as something from which Bella struggled to move on, which I would have found immensely beautiful as a survivor of abuse who struggles with these old concerns. No, it is presented in a manner that suggests, “It doesn’t matter what he did or does since he is powerful and claims to love you.” I really wanted to love this comic, but I cannot enjoy anything that essentially normalizes abuse and makes no attempt to demonstrate why it is bad. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Kiris is deserving of affection. Moreover, I believe Bella deserves love. I believe the author has constructed a codependent relationship that is intended to be charming but feels so dismal and unnatural. Their connection is toxic. There are no ifs or buts involved. I do not know how the author intends to market the connection as non-toxic, but I can no longer stay. I waited a long time because I hoped that Bella would begin a healthy connection with Eden and that she would gradually forgive the emperor for his previous transgressions. Not forgetting the event entirely and returning to him.

I truly enjoyed the art. It had attractive colors and a wonderful appearance. Action did not feel improper.

Where To Read On the Emperor’s Lap

If you are fans of this manga series, then you will definitely know which is the right or legal way to read this series. You can read it on Toomics or other alternatives such as Webtoon, but I am sure this series is not on Webtoons, so I will personally recommend you read it on Toomics.

If you have any questions, you can reach your team via Twitter and send us a message.

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