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One piece: A glimpse of Zoro’s past is going to be revealed in the Egghead Arc!

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I’ve noticed that many folks are looking forward to a confrontation between Zoro and Tashigi in this new storyline because they want to watch Zoro “freak out.” They are willing to go so far as to hope that Bonney will transform Tashigi into a child so that he can be reminded of Kuina.

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However, the fact of the matter is that following the time skip, Zoro has progressed past the stage of “freaking out because of Tashigi.” This was something that Oda verified in one of his letters to Ei Andoh, the author of One Piece Party, and it shows that he now views Tashigi as her own unique individual. Zoro once addressed Tashigi with the greeting “Hey, Copycat!” in one of Andoh’s drafts; however, Oda pointed out that Zoro no longer refers to Tashigi as “copycat,” thus he instructed Andoh to change the greeting to “Hey, Captain Four-Eyes.”

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A glimpse of Zoro's past is going to be revealed in the Egghead Arc.

After the timeskip, Zoro has only once teased Tashigi by calling her a “copycat.” This was when the two of them first met on Punk Hazard, and Zoro was being playful: After that, however, he never referred to her by any name other than “Captain Four-Eyes” or “Sword Nerd.”

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Therefore, rather than the copycat hijinks that we witnessed in Loguetown and Alabasta, I want to see a more mature dialogue between the two of them this time, assuming they get the chance to meet. I have high hopes that Zoro will be able to talk to Tashigi about Kuina so that the two of them may clear up any misunderstandings they have about each other, or that we will be able to acquire some sword knowledge from their chats, or possibly even Shimotsuki clan history…

A glimpse of Zoro's past is going to be revealed in the Egghead Arc.

Punk Hazard was the beginning of them working together and cooperating as allies, and I am hoping that this arc will help to reinforce that.

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