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Top 10 one piece arcs Of all Time

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One piece arcs have been my favorite anime series, and One of the great one piece arcs I have ever seen in anime and manga series is listed below.

one piece arcs
one piece arcs

Top One Piece Arcs?

Here are the top 10 one piece arcs. We’ll break down everything in detail later, so keep reading.

  1. Emperors Saga
  2. Straw Hat Pirates
  3. East Blue Saga
  4. Arabasta Saga
  5. Water 7 Saga
  6. Sky Island Saga
  7. Thriller Bark Saga 
  8. Fish-Man Island Saga
  9. Summit War Saga
  10. The Dressrosa Saga.

1. The Emperors Saga Arc

The Emperors Saga arc acts as a massive turning point for One Piece, causing some of the most significant shifts in the narrative. Which Almost Features a slew of characters Called saga from across the series, Luffy and some of his allies attempt to rescue Luffy’s brother Ace after an earlier failure as a harsh war resentments.

The Emperors Saga arc shows just how dangerous many of the most prominent players in the One Piece universe are, but it also saw two shocking deaths: those of the Haki Whitebeard and Arcs which drastically affected the course of the series act.

2. Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates Arc. Aka SHP, is particularly important in the events of the One Piece anime series, as it introduces the World Celestial Dragons or Nobles, dangerous antagonists who wield immense political and authoritarian power. Many later characters and events can be drawn directly from the actions of these villains.
While there are certainly larger or more entertaining arcs during the course of the series, the Straw Hat Pirates Arc does larges amounts of work in setting up future events and characters, which make it a little bit more interesting.

3. East Blue Saga

According to one piece author “Eiichiro Oda” The East Blue Saga Arc is the introductory Saga Arc of the series. The Monkey D and Luffy meets Shanks as a young boy living in East Blue Kingdom. This is where he enrols most of his staff and, finally, where the event begins.
East Blue Saga consists of Chapter 100 with a 61 episodes and a high amount of arcs at six.
The East Blue Saga focuses mainly on Luffy setting off for the Grand Line and gathering crewmates. During the Saga, Luffy gains four comrades: Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji and earns a bounty of 30,000,000, which is a significant amount.

4. Arabasta Saga

The Arabasta Saga Arc, which concludes the larger Alabasta, follows the Straw Hat Pirates as they attempt to defend an enormous war that is brewing. Notably, this arc sees Luffy’s first loss, after he fights the nefarious warlord Crocodile king.

Nevertheless, the Arabasta saga arc has a number of other important aspects, wandering from expanding the greater lore of One Piece to seeing characters like Robin and Nami play a bigger role in all.

5. Water 7 Saga

Water 7 Saga, like i say in overflow anime, almost capture the attention of your audience. but in Water 7 saga Arc Baroque Works may have the best strategy and Skypiea the thematic intricacy, but Water 7 Saga is certainly the best all-around i have ever seen. It’s got the action and spirit that characterize the series, but its character drama heightens it to greatness.

In this case, I will break down one piece arcs alongside water 7.

In Water 7 Saga it has (35 Episodes. While Skypiea is my all time favorite arc. Water 7 and Enies Lobby is arguably the best Saga in the one piece series.

6. Sky Island Saga

In the Sky Island Saga Arc, Luffy and some of his allies set off to rescue the Straw Hat member Sanji from an arranged marriage.

However, they soon become embroiled in a diagram to overthrow Big Mom, an extremely dangerous pirate, and one of the four Emperor of the New World.

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Across-the-board, Sky Island Saga is another starry saga for One Piece that does have a weaker first arc, but the second arc is superb and emphasizing a terrific villain story.
The Sky Island Saga Arc features one of the oddest settings in One Piece, which is much darker than is appearance would suggest. This arc also instructs a number of new characters, namely Sanji’s incredible family after an unexpected plan twist with Sanji takes place the arc ahead, and major One Piece villain Big Moms.

7. Thriller Bark Saga 

Thriller Bark Saga Arc is the fifth Saga in the manga and anime, One Piece. It follows the Straw Hat Pirates, namely Monkey D. Luffy, after their departure from Water 7. Saga. The Straw Hat Pirates travel to the ghost island of Thriller Bark, where they encounter the Shichibukai Gecko Moria.
In other hands, Thriller bark saga is particularly agreeably known for its introduction of Brook, a skeleton who comes to be the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates. The arc also takes place on a haunted ship of the same name and includes a number of supernatural elements.
The Thriller Bark also has the Straw Hats contend with several Warlords Of The Sea, notably Gecko Maria, further increasing the threat the main characters had to face. Between these new threats and the recurring characters it introduced, Thriller Bark saga arc definitely earns its place as one of the series’ best ever.

8.Fish-Man Island Saga

Fish-Man Island Saga arc is a contentious part of One Piece history, but the battles are some of the best in the franchise.
Fish-Man Island arc is quite the contentious Saga. On the other hand, there were romantic probabilities for the next half of the series’ beginning, and on the other hand, the force villain squad left the ficklest of impressions. All in all, the arc was well above average for One Piece, but failed to live up to the predestined Island.

9. Summit War Saga

Summit War Saga AKA whitebeard War Saga, is personally my favorite arc. Summit War, is by far the best arc yet in the series impact. Every additional arc before has been good, but every one mainly involved the war saga.

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I like the War arc, not sure if I’d say it’s the best over others I liked though. Some of my favorites are pretty unpopular, but I like Thriller Bark and Skypeia a lot. The “War Arc” is only best when you include as much stuff in it as you did. IMO it’s several small arcs, but a lot of people judge it by the entire Saga.

10. The Dressrosa Saga

The Dressrosa SAGA arc is also known as the Pirate Alliance Saga. DS is the second Saga of the additional half of the manga and anime series, and One Piece Dressrosa Saga Arc is the inferring arc within the incredible Dressrosa saga. It also underlines one of the series’ most frightening antagonists: Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo. Nevertheless, the Straw Hat Pirates and the allies are urged to interact with huger forces as they travel to Dressrosa.

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Apart from the significant events this saga arc sets, Luffy’s final battle with Donquixote Doflamingo also unlocks a new form, exacerbating his power and rendering for an inspiring fight.

How Many Arcs Are In One Piece?

They are 10 Arcs Namely, Emperors Saga, Straw Hat Pirates, East Blue Saga, Arabasta Saga, Water 7 Saga, Sky Island Saga, Thriller Bark Saga, Fish-Man Island Saga, Summit War Saga, and the Dressrosa Saga.

one piece arcs

What Is The Longest Arc In One Piece?

The most extended arcs we have concluded so far are Dressrosa, Water 7 Saga, And summit war arcs.

How Long Is Alabasta Arc In One Piece?

The Alabasta Arcs Beginning in Chapters: 63 (155-217) And Episodes: 39 (92-130); Episodes 93, 98-99, 101-102. And the Volumes: 8 (17-24) which propel to be the largest in one piece so far.

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